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  1. Looks like this turd is printing a shooting star on the weekly ready for the final flush. Now at $7200. Anyone buying the 'dip' ?
  2. Feel free to print it out, frame it and stick it above your fireplace.
  3. The top is extremely close. Finally XRP popped to suck in another bunch of clueless punters. It's going to take at least 3 - 5 years to shake off all the excesses of 2017 and carve out a legit bottom. People are going to just have to learn the hard lessons on this one.
  4. Put some effort into what? Showing some zigzag prediction of hope? The chart I posted showed the following: 1) Zero evidence BTC reached any level of support / demand plus clear evidence that $1,200 is the only level of support. Can you show any support level above $1,200 on the monthly chart? Nope, because it doesn't exist. 2) Monthly RSI - Not even close to being oversold. 3) Monthly MACD - Not even close to being oversold. I have been trading for over 8 years. I trade liquid markets (primarily major currencies, gold, and stock Indices). I wouldn't touch BTC with a barge-pole due to the spreads and the fact it is traded in unregulated markets on sketchy exchanges.
  5. I'm guessing you've not got much experience reading a candlestick price chart?
  6. The evidence is pretty compelling we're heading for $1200. Anyone suggesting this is going to $200,000 in 2 years needs to put down the crack pipe.
  7. A quick glance at a monthly chart is clear it never even reached oversold levels. This bounce is nothing but a short squeeze in a downtrend. The low is written on the charts at $1,200.
  8. We're extremely close to a multi year top and may have just seen the blow off today. I hope nobody FOMO'd into this dead cat.
  9. No support perhaps? $1,200 is a no brainer looking at the monthly, with $314 the next level below that in a multi year bear, perhaps a decade. The best level of untested BTC support on this chart is $16.89
  10. Educate me with what? Some garbage tweets where Ripple "has confidence" these institutions will be using xRapid. Once again, no bank will ever allow client funds to be washed through multiple unregulated exchanges. It's such a massive ponzi this one which will end in tears once the regulators come gunning for them.
  11. I totally get xRapid and XRP as explained clearly by Ripple themselves. Have you figured out the multiple fatal holes in this system? No bank is ever going to let client funds be bundled through two shady unregulated exchanges. XRP is a total smokescreen purely designed to line the pockets of Ripple Corp.
  12. It will be a great time to buy if it gets to $320 but the next 2017 style run is probably 8-12 years away. A bubble of this size is going to take a long time to unwind and will need a whole new generation of punters. What is amazing to see if that some people have no clue the bull market is over. You still see these idiots on YouTube, Reddit etc still shilling and pumping this thing. The monthly BTC chart is Gold of 1980. I bet people were still pumping gold in 1981/1982 and that took almost 30 years to take out that high.
  13. BTC holders better pray that $1,200 holds as the next support below that is $320. The charts suggest this is where price is heading and people need to be prepared for it.
  14. Unfortunately you're holding a centralised fraud token. There is zero evidence any bank is using or planning to use XRP. I posted evidence a few pages back as to why XRP as a payment system is an almighty epic fail. It's a scam and you're basically propping up a ponzi scheme by promoting this token. As for tech, XLM is the same but decentralised and not a security.
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