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  1. Gold naaaah its going to hell. Alternatives p1$$ poor selection only thing is dont lock yourself in for long terms when the sh17 hits the fan easy acces will be key to whatever the key is. Question what are you saving 4? House, Pension, the hell of it?.....way things are going a few shotguns wont go amisssssssssssss
  2. Taxable = not worth it plus i dont get a warm cumfy feeling about NCBS five years is long time by then we might be all part of the chinese republic.
  3. I like you have done the same process apart from the fact i own a house with no outstanding loan. I decided not to play in Gold as it just dont feel right, I reckon the Gold market is pumped by traders just as badly as the stock market. So after much thinking I am transfering a percentage of my spare cash to Silver which looks a better prospect only snag is the VAT on Silver but you can get round it.
  4. You need to call the FSA on 08456061234 8am in the morning.
  5. Ok so ive had a bit of fun with this tbh the story i gave you is 100% and frankly I was supprised it turned out like it did, the estate agent did price mothers house at 10% more than she felt the market would stand. We and the agent were taken back by the speed and offers over asking highest was 255k but the were in chain and needed funds. The buyer was cash from out of area with a pit of money to spend not a main residence but a holiday home. To get 2.5 x 2000 valuation aint far off the 2007 top. This is why i have a feeling a lot of cash is looking for a home now interest rates and retur
  6. no i presented the fact a family property sold in 48 hours for the asking price 250k with other offers to gazump .......was fact With additional info that said same property was purchased in 2000 for 99k...
  7. Discussing the validity of fact today and forecast (opinion) tomorrow or 10 years from now is the nature of this forum. To dismiss such as having no bearing is to dismiss the puropse of the HPC forum.
  8. You may be right prices may drop 20-30% over 10 years, or may not. The fact is this with rpi at 5% and heading higher with no base rate increase and qe2,3,4 on the way good property in nice area like n yorks will not suffer, as I have factually demonstrated. If your dream is to buy a card box in an inner city slum down south then you might have a point.
  9. Im not convinced prices of houses are as you say or think. A point in fact is my mother just sold her house in N yorkshire to go into a care home, it was sold in 48 hours for the asking price £250k we had 3 other requests in the first week to top the asking price...that is GAZUMP!!! Before you say theplace was undervalued I can tell you its a standard 3 bed bungalow built 30 year ago my late father purchased it in 2000 fo 99k! So i dont accept things are as you say. Inflation will change the game property will be in demand to offload cash savings.
  10. +/- 1% is beyond the accuracy of the tools used to measure, hence a pointless trend in any direction. A bigger concern is that of what is happining to your savings with RPI at 5%
  11. eh up. With NS&I now dead and gone with respect to RIP..... i was thinking of starting to hold index linked gilts within an isa. I think this has been discussed before but anyone any experience of this and if so what is the best way in.
  12. Unfortunatly the BOE and its "advisors" are imo a bunch of plonkers who have frankly no idea on how to sort out this mess, all they can do is trot out politically correct statements of factual doubt.
  13. Good for you best of a bad job really,I am doubting we will see the return of ILS anytime soon its all about forcing money into the economy or otherwise inflate savings and thus debt away.
  14. Two copies of a nice shiny book from NS&I glasses of wine pictures of apples autumn lakes and hampers ahhh.... all is well in pictures. Pushing ns&i products and in a table of offerings promote tax free inflation beating savings my ar$e!!! Is it me or do other NS&I customers fell this is like two fingers up? followin the withdrawl of ILS bonds. Cant recall having this crud pushed in the door before Are they starting to see massive drops in income revenue? the only product they had worth buying was ILS bonds with that now removed doubtless at the instance of the treasury busines
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