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  1. I would find someone who speaks English to fight your case for you.
  2. RB, the pound sterling has fallen near 20% against the Euro over the past year. It has remained about level with the dollar. Do you a change in that trend soon, or do you think both sterling and dollar will continue to fall against Euro?
  3. i think i may as well resign, i'm not needed here. it is fab watching injin take you all to the cleaners. well played.
  4. i'll be the math teacher this time (we always need one with these negative changes) 2.0% MoM, on an annualised basis means the price would be 0.98 ^ 12 = 0.7847 as a fraction of its initial value. This equates to ( 1 - 0.7847 ) * 100 = 21.53% (to 2 d.p) fall.
  5. An excellent post injin. I cannot praise you enough for that. PS, lots of people mistake money for capital. Sign of the times really.
  6. Don't go all philosophic on me. Money is simply a tool, to concentrate on money is missing the point. It is all about capital goods, savings and investment. This is what competitive capitalism is all about. People doing things for each other, because there is obvious gain in doing so. What can be wrong with that?
  7. To understand capitalism, you need to understand a few terms. Capital (goods) high order goods and services, factors of production. Savings The difference between what is produced and what is consumed. Competitve Captialism is the process whereby savings are created and invested to increase the total stock of captial goods and thus increase the quantity and quality of goods and services produced. Socialism renders this process impossible because investment is impossible without free capital markets and profit motive. The result is economic stagnation first, recession second and later collapse (soviet union, and next america if she doesn't mend her ways)
  8. We are discussing this in your other thread. Please do not hijack this one, just to be spiteful.
  9. Well, try scratching a living from the dirt once you remove the last few centuries of accumulated captial, then perhaps you will see the difference.
  10. That kinda goes without saying. That is rather like saying the outcome of a game of chess is white wins, black wins or the game is drawn. It is the details we are here to talk about. So, with that in mind, let us ask which system enables humans to live the most prosperously. If you look at the achievements of the west, it is pretty obvious that competitive capitalism is best. why did we reject it, after all it did for us?
  11. You all appear to be of the opinion that goods and services grow on trees. Without private property and private profit, no work ever gets done, there is no incentive. That is why not much work gets done in our country, because the government appropriates almost everything we make - all in a good cause, naturally. Capitalism didn't fail. Capitalism was rejected. You have your way, so you should be happy...
  12. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7498404.stm I would love to know how collapsing prices are 'tough for first time buyers' Call me old fashioned, and all that, but what is so difficult about doing absolutely nothing and earning 3,4,5 K each month simply as a result of the falls. Perhaps I need to study more garbage like this... http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...id=a11PeBn6TV8A to understand the situation better.
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