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  1. Just a heads up on this. I cancelled "my" Amex card. The Lloyds one was declined so that's not so bad. Experian have sent me something so I can tell them what happened and repair my credit rating. The police weren't interested as nobody lost any money. A fair cop I suppose as they're snowed under with more important things, although this is obviously a money by deception crime. Amex never phoned me back. I suspect I have uncovered CPA fraud. What I think happens is this: Person steals personal details from electoral roll or companies house list of company directors (good source of wealthier than average victims). Person signs up to credit cards at a cashback or CPA marketing site. Person gets £25 or so from every successful (or maybe even unsuccessful) application. Person makes £5000 a week from filling out a few forms (or outsources it to India or China). One other possibility is that someone is playing a joke on me, although I don't suspect this is the case. I guess the banks are too stupid to figure this one out, so I've done it for them. Anyway, if anyone else sees something similar then let us know! It's a nuisance as it's taken time to sort out and this is not the kind of economic environment in which you want a damaged credit rating.
  2. Hi all, This might be a bit off topic but I can't find anything else on the web about it. Last night I found I'd been sent an Amex Gold Card and pin number to my home. I never applied for this! Is it a marketing gimmick or do you think somebody is in the process of stealing my identity? If it's a marketing gimmick then I will be furious as I live in rented accommodation so it would have been very easy for someone to spend on the card. If it's identity theft then it's very scary! Do I need to worry about this, or find something else to worry about?
  3. Why is China investing in gold? If they have cash to spare they should be cleaning up the environmental catastrophe that their boom has resulted in. Disclosure: I've been to China. The pollution is bad.
  4. DrGUID


    I've been getting back into lending on Zopa as well - I've noticed that if I leave spare cash lying around in my account there it gradually gets lent out at something like 9.5%. It's better than leaving it in my current account or ISA getting 0.1% or something. I've not had any defaults on Zopa but I have two late loans which is unfortunate. Maybe I'll get something back for them eventually.
  5. I looked at Greggs as well. Rising dividends, plus they're far from saturated - there aren't any in Colchester! I've stuck some more money into Zopa - I got 9.something% on the last few quid I lent out - real interest rates are rising fast !
  6. She makes her own music so it's not possible for her to default.
  7. I work in the education sector. We got a 0.5% payrise - that's something like £9 a month extra. I guess after NI increases that will actually be a pay cut. Fortunately I go up a pay grade each year (until I get to the top grade in the scale), otherwise it would suck. The union grumbled, but didn't strike (I'm not in the union).
  8. Get yourself over to moneysavingexpert and get those fixed costs down! I also signed up to this cashback site - thanks to 5 minutes on this site I saved about £50 on my contents insurance... cashbacktoyou But it's hard to live a frugal life when even a tin of kidney beans costs 70p in Tesco or Sainsburys - a couple of years ago they were 40p. Now that's inflation!
  9. > no it won't. it will be quite quick. you don't ned a PhD to make widgets do you. Well this is true and also untrue. My dad never had a PhD, but in his widget making job he needed years of apprenticeships and training to get as good as he did. You simply cannot open a widget factory with unskilled labour. Trouble is, all the good engineers like my dad are now retired, and there is nobody to replace them, the younger generation just don't have teh skillz.
  10. I went to China for the first time last year and it's the most ruthlessly capitalist place I've ever been to. So please let's stop any illusion that China is a communist country. My new girlfriend is Chinese and I can tell you that the ladies in her home city (near Sichuan province) are astonishingly beautiful. Man I thought I was in Brazil. Better still it's completely unknown to Westerners (I was the only Western man there!) As well as being beautiful they have lovely manners and are excellent cooks. What else does a man need? Doing business in China is not easy, but plenty of Western companies have cracked it without having to throw all their toys out of the pram like Google! Oh and I went to a KFC in Wuhan and they had run out of chicken so we had to make do with fish and beef . I don't know what this has to do with house prices. Actually there were lots of new apartments and half empty shopping centres there. Is there a bubble there? I'm not sure. What I do know is that while our leaders are bleating about no more boom and bust and starting stupid wars in countries we don't care about, China is striking massive long term commodity deals with Russia and other resource rich countries.
  11. I don't like the new look so I don't think I'll post here anymore. There's more to life than houseprices anyway.
  12. 8 is lucky for the Chinese. If you think the currencies will collapse, then buy stuff (houses, gold etc.). Although if the currency collapses then pretty much everything would be worthless apart from food.
  13. Off to China to see my lady friend next month, so I'll be able to see first hand what's going on. From what she tells me though, things are slow over there, much as they are over here. The place is changing fast though - she has a very middle class job, loves the Internet, and her parents drink red wine.
  14. I got a letter telling me my C&G was closing. Then another letter saying they were not closing. You couldn't make this up .
  15. The time to short housebuilders was in 2007. If you short anything now that gets a takeover bid or something you'll be burned alive .
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