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  1. hello midas majika hear good to see you post will no doubt be in toutch as things progress but if your are an open and honest co with nothing to hide then reply hear to some of the coments posed in this thred about comanies like you. IE: whats in your villa purchase contract to guarantee the fersilities will be built and we wont all be left with a house in a field and no pool or buss to take us back to the airport i do hope you will reply, stick your head above the parapit and let these guys take a shot lets see you justify your developements to them. if you can i think you have a very good future. looking forward to your reply majika.
  2. you could always ask me insted of making asumptions i dont want conformation im do ing the right thing its a a simple question has any one herd of them are there any nagitive coments about the company if you havent herd of them say so and take your asumptions and un founded opinions about me to your own thred were you can bicker to your hearts content its odvious to me that no one has herd of them so i will asume no news is good news and persue my DD els wear thank for your time
  3. radio/lewis. is good fun to watch you scrap but i think you are reding to mutch into me. i like the look of midas peninsua village because in 2-3 years i plan to sail my yacht to the med and cruse in the summer and use the villa as quiet winter base i would like my family and friends to use the villa at other times and to rent it as mutch as i can they offer a good suport package and mooring this is exactly what i was looking for. i am simply trying to find out if there is any thing about midas as i would rather not get conned, dont expect anyone to give me investment advice they say victim's of crime should come forward to stop the bad people doing it again. so all i am asking is have any of you delt with them and do they do what they say on the packet. but i will go visit the bar any way (best plase to get an honest deal in th uk no dodgy gear there). you have said use the net to research so hear i am, thanks for bothering to reply.
  4. my post is on the main board next to this one.
  5. thanks fo that isn't that off plan comment the same for every off plan sale (plus have said more about my motives on the other post) but i can see what your saying but were is the line betwen growing resort and property crash. you need demand and supply and there are bound to be times when they are out of balance the uk seems like a shure thing but are we on the edge of the cliff. am still hoping tha some one out there has delt with midas they have already built one project in turkey.
  6. hi i am the author of the good the bad and the ugly post trying to find out if anyone has delt with or knows of midas plc (midasplc.com) they are setting up projects in all the hot spots.
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