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  1. Puplava disagrees commodities and gold are in a bubble and presents some compelling evidence. Marc Faber has also said investors in T Bonds are "comitting financial suicide." http://www.financialsense.com/Market/cpuplava/2008/0409.html
  2. He cannot really say any other imagine what would happen to the price if he came out positive on it the market is very small. As to sugar a lot of food products I have recently noticed and normally avoid because they contain glucose fructose syrup (derived from corn as a sweetener for soft drinks ,jam etc etc) have replaced the gluco-frutco syrup with you guessed sugar. Now knowing that food manufacturers are interested in our health before profit I wonder why they have switched back.
  3. Bit Echo-ey round here now Charlie Brrrrrrrrrrr
  4. Thats a bit rich from someone who has posted a dozen paranoid threads searching for an (in)secure home for their Str money!
  5. If I remember correctly but I can't be bothered to link to it on the closed gold thread She bought some gold maybe an ETF made a profit with that profit bought physical gold and silver STC is not bothered now what happens to the gold price as "I can always leave it to the kids"
  6. I replied to Charlie's post I have no issue with anybodys use of Einglish ! That is why I used TuONGE as an oxymoron EEdjot Actually I prefer eedjot to idiot phonetically it makes more sense.
  7. GF means Idiot, English is not his native tuonge!
  8. I once was a Rich CDO Banker! some people call me a t(w)anker But because I made good ? Like all of you should ! Just follow my advice I thank Ya!
  9. The CTT indicator is back! time to buy
  10. ?????????????? They run funds,websites private client services,manage their own money and offer consultancy! Thats why they don't post here!.
  11. And your reasons? The Eclectia fund is mostly invested in equities of argricultural producers/suppliers in contrast to the MFM fund not the actuall commodities/futures or did I miss something ? .
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