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  1. A block of flats oops sorry executive apartments at the bottom of my road Note the 1 board that has 5 numbers attached below Some of these up for mid to late £70k One I saw in the auctions sold in Dec 2006 for £180k when new and wouldn't reach reserve of £85k (ouch) The white board on the corner is advertising parking spaces for sale as its got underground parking, I am led believe if you wanted an extra parking bay (back in the day) they where £10k each. There are more boards all around the property its just that these where gathered nicely here. Bevan Court Warrington
  2. I am a Windows XP, Linux (ubuntu) and Mac OSX user and managed to run 3 drives with a boot manager on one PC Mac OSX really stable check out the osx86 project in google or search in youtube for Hackintosh 3 pcs in one no longer going to replace the Mac. In hackintosh mode my PC benchmarks 2% faster than my friends similar spec Mac.
  3. Slightly off topic, I was confronted by a police officer and was amazed at how this chap had become a policeman, he was not a tall gent and of very slight build, he actually looked to me as if he was wearing his dad's uniform, but it was his manner that got me riled, he had is don't mess with me swagger on full, chewing gum and staring people down, walking and staring directly at me so I am afraid I picked up the guantlet and refused to deviate and stared him straight down and past. It was only after he had gone that I thought back to my misguided youth and having my collar felt, that the bobbys back then were very handy blokes who didn't take any messing, they always seemed a formidable size from what I can remember. Now, yes all the size doesn't matter arguments will no doubt be said, but it quite often does, I have boxed all of my life and still do at 44. so I know my weight categories. I grew up on your average northern rough and tumble council estate and fighting in the seventies - eighties was a part of life as so often led to getting into trouble. I couldn't help but think that if this chap had been around back then and attempted to arrest some of us unruly youths he may have been in a spot of bother. I think that a police presence should be a burly, firm but friendly one. As for them protecting Traffic Wardens what a load of tosh, I would much rather see them protecting doctors and nurses in A&E from the drunken idiots attacking the very people trying to help them.
  4. I am a discharged bankrupt, and whilst going through the bankruptcy mill, met a few debt collectors most were just people going about their job, others were just trying bullying scare tactics. Two such rather large gents arrived one day in a very menacing mode and demanded entry to remove my property ( I had met them on the path and locked the door behind me) when I refused they claimed they could break in and take it which they can't, when they realised that their size and manner was not going to intimidate me.. they got a form out and said they had to make a list of valuable property that were in my home, again I refused them entry so they asked did I have any Items of value for him to add to his list, I replied only two Items of value my shotgun and my crossbow, the look on his face .... priceless
  5. As far as email goes look at encryption Life hacker email encryption or google email encryption
  6. I am sure I read somewhere back in the last crash that if you made an offer on a property that the agent has to legally submit it to the seller, or am I entirely incorrect.... anybody any idea.
  7. Can the banking system actually shut up shop, there must be some regulation against this, surely.
  8. I sit and wait for those once a year bargains to pop along, always one if you keep your eyes and ears open, Seven weeks ago bought a P reg Micra automatic, "oooh" I hear you say 66k miles 9 months tax and Mot for £150.00 cause the guy wanted it off his drive, so I made really low offer as you should with all cars and houses, by doing this in the last few years I have actually made money on cars or broke even for the first time in 23years of driving.
  9. A friend of mine is the director of a drawing office company in the capital, and is saying all the projects are being pulled due to the credit crunch has had to lay off a quarter of the work force since the new year, it would seem that the backers are pulling the plug on these buildings scheduled to be built in the next year or two. I live in Warrington and at the bottom of the road there is a "luxury apartment" new build one of them has just gone back on the market at £99k and I was told by one of the developers employees that the cheapest that they sold one for was £125k, also numbers 1-4 have just gone to auction. Finally starting to see some movement here.
  10. My views on credit have certainly been changed both in receiving and extending credit. I now won't give anybody any goods that I produce without payment in full, and have no intentions to change that situation in the short term and do lose out on a lot of work from it, but in my previous business It used to happen that a limited company went into liquidation from time to time and as you say a certain amount of risk was taken which results in some defaults. The nature of my business now is digital design and I cannot actually get those goods returned for non-payment, once they have a copy they could copy it as many times as they like, that also has a major bearing on the extending credit decision. I am personally happy at the moment with no CC's, overdraught, mobile contract, etc. My car was paid for cash. have a caravan paid for cash, would like a better one but not going into debt for one. I do feel however that the limited liabilty loopholes LTD Company) need to be tightened, over the years I have seen a lot of people use it to walk away from debt which was quite intentional, and the same is happening with bankruptcy people (credit junkies) regularly ask me "how easy is it?" I was in a shop the other day with the missus and was approached by a phone salesman who asked if he could help etc. I used my stock "I'm a bankrupt", which is great for getting rid of credit hawkers, and he pulled me to one side and asked me if it was easy as he was 30k in debt and it would take him 10-12 years to pay and his attitude was there is "no way I'm doing that" saying its only for one year init, rather do that, etc. etc. but the mechanism needs to be there for those genuine souls who have great misfortune, illness etc. there have even been companies that have contacted me offering to help rebuild my credit for a fee of course. Maybe, I will become more relaxed in time, time does have a way of making you forget how the pain felt.
  11. With hindsight it was the best thing that happened to me out of the whole episode, but I can guarantee you it doesn't look like that on the way in. I am still self employed and nobody gets credit, I work from a loft conversion at home and live a simpler and more fulfilling life not chasing megabucks, the complete opposite of my former self. I still get offered credit but don't take it up. As long as I can feed the wife and kids and keep a roof over us, I'm happy! Bankruptcy was for me an education and a reality leveller.
  12. I am a discharged bankrupt, It all started within my business back in 2000, I was running a business and employed 4 people. It was my own own fault I extended too much credit to a client that I had dealt with for approx 5 years without a hitch until late into 1999. In the January of 2000 I got the letter to say that they had gone into administration, seeing as these monies weren't forthcoming I knew before I had finished reading the letter that I had no choice but to close the doors and lay off my staff. I was naively trading as a sole trader and not limited company and therefore was not protected by the limited liabilities err.. scam. This company and its directors proceeded to change the name of the company and the sign over the door and carry on trading. I on the otherhand was into my dominos starting to topple. Tax man, Vat man, suppliers, vehicle leases, bank loans, signed lease on the property etc. I gathered what cash I could from others I was owed and paid my staff to date and the sole traders I dealt with as much as I could. It took four years of me trying to pay and sort things out and to try and do deals to sort the mess until in July 2004 I was declared bankrupt by the taxman. I was fully compliant with the official receivers who were very nice people to deal with to be fair. The relief was extraordinary. What it taught me was to live a cash lifestyles like my parents used to. I dont have any credit and when the bank keep "awarding me an overdraft and I threaten to close the account if it is not removed" 0 should be 0 not -£2000. I for one am glad of the bankrupcty mechanism, It is cold turkey for credit junkies though. It didn't affect my life a great deal by the time I went, if anything made it easier. If anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer them.
  13. Threads that go "bump" in the night Crazy Coffins
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