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  1. Whats the best way to buy a nasdaq quoted stock from the uk?
  2. Ladies, its not just milk! Tartan shopping bags and blue rinses have gone up too... its a disgrace!
  3. that's Ok.. Microsoft are building a new datacenter and there's still SAP, Google et al to ensure we will always have more money than the poor downtrodden English... btw, why do you pay council tax and water bills? Simple Paddy doesnt understand that.
  4. Surely the current $US exchange rates are not sustainable? If you can save money by New York shopping trips, surely that means sterling and euros are over valued? These currencies are, just paper we exchange for items of real value... like those new touch screen ipods, junk food and cigarettes
  5. Those bunker to let bastards; you deserve a bunker of your own.. or a padded cell. Anyway, cheer up. It might never happen.
  6. How will banks make money if they do not offer fresh loans?
  7. I want to see it reduced by 60million, and then go live in a bunker while zombies rule the earth.
  8. Maggie had north sea oil.. real wealth compared to "The estate agent said my house is worth A MILLION POUNDS!!!"
  9. Just after he said this, he paused and stuck his tongue in his cheek and smirked a little... in that way that people who believe they are clever do when they feel they have to say one thing, but want to communicate they know better. Not sure what to read into that, but he didnt seem particularly concerned.
  10. One of the first things I noticed on returning to the UK after a lengthy absence was that the saath london drawl is now the default accent everywhere. I had hoped for orderly extermination, but cockneys appear to be thriving.
  11. It was the idea of building somewhere to live that appealed. Not so much the packaged 'self build', which seems controlled and expensive, but exploring the limits of what you can get away with without planning permission. I think it’s an instinct a lot of people have, although judging by property programs in the UK it’s confined to loft conversions and other limited additions and modifications to houses. I don’t particularly like being an employee/tenant and I’d rather work for myself. Building your own house seems a more constructive thing to do than sit around dreaming of economic collapse and an unlikely cheap housing bonanza
  12. Anyone inspired to look at alternatives housing options? Suppose you had some land without planning permission, quit your job and start building a cute little wooden house http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/home.htm on it. I read somewhere you could occupy a temporary structure for less than 10 months. Just wondering. It has to be a more interesting than working in an office to pay the rent on a dismal shared flat.
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