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  1. I put in an offer on house last week owned by persimmon, one of there part exchange properties that they have taken against a new build been on the market now since summer was on for £235000. They have now dropped it to £199995, I offered them £150000 and they turned it down flat. How long will they keep turning offers down the response I got was that they was going to rent it out are persimmon going to be the new biggest BTLetter???
  2. TW*T!!! EEEErrr original comment was about some thing on the BBC
  3. If they push inflation up a bit and the house prices come down a bit you never know. Your all saying the BBC has VI and what are you?? if your calling a crash VI NOT's?? Let get this into real terms nobody is completly sure what is going to happen. I myself have STR'd 4mths ago but am still not sure how this is going to pan out. I see this as a gamble and if I still owned my house that would be a gamble also. Gambling is mugs game belive me in any way shape or form. If I had owned my house before I STR'd and did not rent it from the bank to the tune of £120000 I would have stayed there and not even looked at house prices. I can also see good old Merv cutting rates very soon just as the US have and maybe even more than the US as you all keep saying that if the US sneezes we catch a cold this could work the other way round !! and again you do not know !!speculation is a funny thing the other thing that makes me laugh is sheeple are they all wrong and you small minority right? who knows, not you, not them, not me. If you had all called this when house prices inflated last time how comes you not all property millionaires? you got it wrong then you may got it wrong now!! I am just trying to get people to see that all is not what it seems and say you have got it right 10 out of 10, what now you all have your cheap houses, inflation is running riot and none of you have jobs sounds fab, interest rates will also then be sky high you have your house you wanted to buy cheap for 50K but it costs the same to repay as 120k does today and then its all been a waste of life reading this site. Ok rant over
  4. I have just been to view a victorian house in a small village near my house. 1 couple where just leaving as I got there 1 and there two kids were waiting to view when I came out. The agent told me he has had two offers and ten viewers since Thursday when the house was put on the market
  5. And what makes you think Grorden can not make the BOE do what they want. Gorden will do what it wants when it he wants you see. BOE will have no choice if that what he decides. I know its not a nice thought but I assure you thats the reality
  6. But every body is saying we lag behind by 18mths so this must mean we will get them in about 16 mths. I think we will get them long before that.
  7. I keep hearing on this site that if the Us sneezes we catch a cold. Does this now mean we are in for 1 or 2% interest rate cuts????
  8. He could always get an offset mortgage and his savings will still be safe and he would not have to pay any interest on the money he borrowed.
  9. If the goverment was a company it would have gone bust years ago
  10. Tell him you do not want to pay it but will stay in property untill he sells. You could be in there for ages as he will not be able to sell easily. When its on the market make sure when you have viewers (sorry if you have viewers) make the place look like a shithole so you can stay longer. No body will want to buy it then. Ask him also if his rate had gone down would he have sent you a letter to say that he was going to reduce your rent??? No I dont think so
  11. Crack on and buy you know best Why not buy a few as this sounds such a good investment What about wait, put £200 pound a month into an ISA when the market sorts it self out then buy. Its always a good investment to buy at the top of a market . How would you feel paying two hundred pounds a month on some thing thats also losing £500 a month thats £700 holy shit now I see You said you have been reading this forum, I suggest you go back a read again but this time try taking in what everybody is trying to tell you!!!!!
  12. I live about five miles from Braintree and even though I think the market is fooked, I still see houses selling every day. I do however see that houses are spending alot more time on the market and also something that has never happened within a ten mimle radius of where I live and that is price reductions some as much as ten grand. A year ago this would have been never had happened you had to fight over buying houses with several other buyers. Also see many houses being sold and then returning to the market either through broken chains or slipping buyer confidence but this is becomming more and more common as the sheeple work out what is happening
  13. Sounds like you Missis has found out what you have been putting on the internet about her friends and now you are trying to justify it before she tells them. Because Dave and jenny have moved with the markets and the other two have their timing all **** about face and are just about to blow their brains out and be sub prime for the rest of their life
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