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  1. Rotherham. "vulnerable teenagers". Don't do a Google search on that.
  2. Well, Grumpysod picked up on this an hour ago. Bbc MoneyBox at noon radio 4 today.
  3. There was this house for sale near Thetford recently. Curiously it seems associated with a phone number I saw on a recent press release from Art Malexander.
  4. I had to check if that was Doctor Kelly of Doctor Shipmanj
  5. I got "too many connections". Has the rout started?
  6. I was once asked to devise a house cooling system to dump heat to a swimming pool, with sunlight as the power source and no moving parts except the coolant. Turns out Einstein had a patent for that (Nov 11, 1930)
  7. My central heating system thermostat takes care of that. My bath water heats just that tiny bit quicker since the room radiators shut down sooner. So indirectly yes, the computer heats the bath water if home insulation is good.
  8. When you've done having a dig at geographers, here's a quote from the last one I met: "I feel fantastic because I’ve got an appreciating asset. But it also means I’ve got all my money tied up in the fortunes of one property in one place. As an investment strategy it’s on a par with sinking all your money into a single baked-bean factory in East Anglia."
  9. I have fond memories of living in a shared flat on Sandbanks. Great in the summer, a poetic bleakness in the winter. The new Yacht Company development featured in the Wail will have blocked the view of Poole harbour from the old flat. Don't suppose there are many new graduates in their first job living there now....
  10. The ceiling height in the student dorm is about 3metres. Camera height looks about 152cm - eye level to the female in darker clothing, standing left at 2.01 into sequence. This is also top edge level of all three upper bunk rails. So plenty of headroom in Ikealand. How tall are you?
  11. What's the status of your deposit? If it is not in a protection scheme the section 21 notice is invalid.
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