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  1. Weird. The same 'argument' comes out again. The tsunami did kill lots of people and was a tragedy - by all means start a thread about it. This thread is about the nuclear incident a fukushima.
  2. pmsl Are you serious? I wouldn't want you planning a disaster recovery effort if you think that's good enough :-)
  3. Sorry - i didn't make myself clear. I was referring to the discussion about banks holding countries to ransom in regards to where they pay their taxes. Saying that they will go elsewhere if governments to not kowtow to them. I cannot see a particularly good reason for fighting to keep them, as they have been a drain rather than a boon to us over the last decade.
  4. Well, from my point of view it's patronsing I'm absolutely no expert in these things, but I was always under the impression that there was a "systemic risk" when the banking crisis came up and that was why they introduced the SLS, etc. So although some banks really had their noses right in the trough (Northern Rock) and actually needed funds put into them there were a lot of others (Barclays, HSBc) not right in the thick of it but still enjoying the feeding frenzy. As soon as the banks stopped trusting each other they all would have gone down unless these extreme measures were taken. All these measures at the cost of tax payers. For these banks then to turn around and start making demands - even if they were one of the 'less bad' ones doesn't fit with my idea of natural justice. We just hauled them out of the fire and now they're asking for more... Should we forget all this just to let it happen again?
  5. Are you Bruce Banner in disguise? don't think I've seen that many patronising 'rolleyes' in a single hpc thread for quite a while.
  6. What a shame. One of the few interesting threads left on this place. I've been lurking and learning here for a couple of months now and found the open exchange really refreshing. Good luck! LB
  7. Good luck & congrats DB! Have always enjoyed your hysterical posting style and your track record speaks for itself. You have the cojones to get in there now and I hope it works out for you. Still holding back myself. When your sig comes to pass I may well be stuffed, but I'm not so sure on the timescales... BTW I'm guessing with this house purchase et al you'll soon be twice the daddy you were! LB
  8. eh? Why are you dragging me into this? I was happily lurking there! Not sure I have much to add to the whole debate. I've been lurking on HPC for a couple of years and managed to STR before drops became huge (April 2007) mainly thanks to this website. To my mind it's left me in a great position that brings a lot of 'good' problems i.e. how do I keep hold of the value of all this essentially free money (from HPI). My problem is that I sway with the wind. I do have some gold just in case of sterling collapse or high inflation. Also have some money in NS&I. My problem is I change my mind what to do with each post I read on HPC for which 'flation we're going for. I don't have the balls or attention to detail for high risk investments For the moment I don't really feel that either scenario is playing out (ie. hyper anything) so I'm keeping liquid (yes - in sterling ) and hoping that reading the more informed posters on here and other places will allow me to keep ahead of the general people enough so that when something does start to happen I will be one the ones earliest to the life rafts. But maybe that's me just rationalising my inertia
  9. Why re-enter the market? Are you expecting hyper-inflation or an incredibly quick crash?
  10. I was out in Spain recently and saw the very same guy doing the same advert in spanish . Although he did say something along the lines of "...now that house prices have gone down, there are some great bargains to be had...". Horrific. AS another anecdotal to feed the fire it's common knowledge amongst the spanish people I talked to (based mainly around Galicia and Barcelona) that the house market has seized up. Nothing is selling ATM at any price - places that would have flown off the shelves only a year ago.
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