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  1. It's in Swindon (I speak from still bitter experience). It's knackered. They're asking nearly a third of a million quid. Do you really have to ask?
  2. Doesn't seem to be a problem if you do actually have the money and income to buy somewhere. I saw my banks mortgage adviser a few weeks back and they have no problem lending me 5x salary. However, I do have 30% deposit even at the max lending, and they say my credit (debt) rating is impeccable as far as they are concerned. Only one problem - paying it all back (in my opinion, not theirs). I'd imagine that it's not the likes of me to whom mortgage lending is restricted. Unsurprisingly, it will be to people that can't really afford it...
  3. Someone like you might! And I'd rather you than me. Having grown up in place not dissimilar (except the rubbish, thankfully. Apart from one of the flats, which was almost worse) I have some idea of what is involved. (That place is worth several million these days, mind. Depends how you see 15 years of ongoing building work, I guess. And how much you like living with rats and deathwatch beetle).
  4. I meant median - sorry for typo! Apart from the rubbish, missing floors and stairs etc, take a look at the collapsed front garden wall end and then wonder how far behind the rest of the place is in regard of structure rot.
  5. Easily : http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-32159645.html (OK, it's only about 5x local media salaries, but then I actually like yours apart from the asking price). If you seek it out on the street view then it's not boarded up, and I'm pretty sure the old dear standing outside it is the one that lived there (I presume she's died, hence the sale) I'm sort of tempted by this one, but I have a feeling someone will be stupid enough to pay a lot more than the figure stated. I've lived in places not much better before now!
  6. Last time we had falling prices,every other house price article in the media seemed to contain some reference to "property" being "snapped up" (usually by "savvy investors" blah blah blah etc) I can't recall seeing this phrase for months (Thankfully, because it usually makes me either angry or nauseous). Anyone spotted it in the last six months or so, or is it just me blanking it out? I'm hoping I see a subtle change in sentiment here, towards resignation.
  7. She "can't" according to the article. "Nobody wanted to buy it". In the same way people "can't" sell their "Properties", one presumes.
  8. Don't forget to keep records and pay any taxes due, now! http://www.taxationweb.co.uk/tax-articles/business-tax/the-barter-system-%E2%80%93-the-hidden-evasion.html Bast4rds.
  9. An asking of £190k doesn't make it sold either, it would appear.
  10. My neighbours cleaned a nice path outside their privately owned houses, which ended at the point(s , at either end of the road) the council and privately rented flats began. Since there's a huge slidey ice rink at either end, I'm not really sure what the point of that is?
  11. With the quality of that welding I'd say it very far from indestructible.
  12. Me, amongst others! At the time (25 odd years ago), my co workers were almost entirely British, composed of the poorer locals, young people like me who couldn't find any other work, and a large contingent of Londoners who would travel down to Kent and live in sheds and old caravans for the summer / autumn. Apart from the young guys (who were a small contingent and largely blokes), most of them were middle aged or older women. There were also some older school kids, some students (and some small kids brought along by their mothers and forced to earn their crust) during the holidays. It was pretty hard work if you wanted to make any money at all (it was all "piecework" - you got paid by weight), but you could earn a fair bit more than the dole at the time. I'd not have done it If I could have found better, or if the dole had paid similar. (I did meet some Poles when I was on the strawberries the once, but they were an old couple who traveled round in their camper van as a lifestyle choice. Lovely people they were, very friendly and generous with a cup of tea or a bit of food and a chat after work)
  13. Why would that be then? I can see that they wouldn't have to work, of course, just not why they would not.
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