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  1. Trouble is the glaring spotlight of truth is manipulated. The snippets we see/hear on this despicable man are probably sanitised sufficiently to enable us to think we are in an open transparent and enquiring society - give them a little bit to chew on so they think we are on their side type of thing. The 'system' - the judiciary - media - finance and of course rancid politicians - collectively have us under lockdown - though most of the population don't realise it - being in a cage created from their own indifference to personal debt and the relentless creep of state monitoring/control. I w
  2. Agree. IMO LVT can't come fast enough. It It will be very interesting to see who supports this bill - and of course who doesn't. Ms. Lucas has introduced a political 'litmus test' that may offer a useful insight into the intentions of the labour party should they be elected. Seems to me that there will be scaremongering by the right wing to the effect that LVT will affect the nations 'working' and middle classes - via a garden or allotment tax etc. A 'new statesman' article stated that 0.6% of the population own 69% of the land - time to re-distribute - not directly wealth as such but ho
  3. Yes - it was total but predictable rubbish - no substantial issues explored in this pathetic 'reality show'. The program - as well as lacking depth and balance - was little more than a mouthpiece for the developers. Still this is what the mainstream media routinely provide - no real surprise that it was the usual VI supporting garbage.
  4. You haven't lost focus Eric - I - and I'm sure many others look to you - to remind us all from time to time how we've been collectively crushed by the scum that perpetrated this crime. From central bankers reducing interest rates to politicians lying while they splashed cash they didn't have - to the craven EA's and mortgage brokers and to the developers with planners in their pockets while sitting on land banks to keep the price up. Interesting stat in a New Statesman article - '0.6% (yes zero point six precent) of the population own 69% of the land - much of which qualifies for taxpayer fu
  5. You miss the point entirely - which was simply that the lender has the burden of responsibility and duty of care in a loan transaction. The loose analogy I posted was just an example to illustrate where most (but not all) of the blame ought to be.
  6. Spot on! Hammond clearly wants to side step any duty of care as a guardian of the nation and support his corrupt allies in the city and elsewhere. There are also two 'consenting adults' in the drugs business - the pusher and the addict. The most culpable by far is the pusher.
  7. Well thanks for the 7 out of 10. You make some interesting points. I re-read my post and disagree somewhat with your assessment – feckless/irresponsible applies to some but not all - and your inference that I have characterised the boomers as not only frugal but also ‘salt of the earth’ is I think a bit of a stretch. But no matter I take your drift. I think by and large they were frugal – but having said that it was a frugality born of necessity. It would be tempting to argue as you suggest that under the same circumstances individuals would behave similarly and ordinarily I would agree
  8. Well there seem to be a few posters - presumably young - that whine about the boomers so called advantages in old age. When I grew up money was valued - saving was encouraged. Families often lived 'in rooms' with parents. Bank managers were strict but fair - you were only loaned what you could repay - 3 times earnings and a 10% deposit were needed to buy property. Property owners rarely 'flipped' for profit but stayed in those often very modest homes for a life time. Car ownership was also rare - the local doctor or lawyer perhaps - the rest made do with public transport. Holidays abro
  9. It seems there is nothing 'forcing' you to go - such as onerous debts or precarious employment - if so this can be a slight disadvantage because it will require perhaps a little more courage to 'pull the trigger' and go. If you don't go - you may regret it bitterly in years to come. Change can be a bit unnerving - but worth embracing - and as your only 26 there should be plenty of other overseas opportunities for you if this turns out not to suit. The zero tax regimes of most middle east countries may be worth exploring. Kurt Barlow was right regarding the 90 day rule regarding domicile
  10. Yes - good point. The evacuation of troops from Iraq - will free up more poor souls to keep the military money spinner going in a conflict in Iran. The pronouncements on the guilt in abstentia of Irans spiritual ruler by some NY court and the ranting of right wing hawks in Tel Aviv and the US says much about the way this is going - no doubt the 'special relationship' will be leaned on and our troops sent there also. Although the masses are in an awakening of a sort to the way they have been ecomomically exploited into destitution - there will be a conflict just in time to force attention aw
  11. You're absolutely spot on IMO. Programs such as Newsnight and question time are pumping out superficial fluff to an audience mainly of duffers that have been fed a tabloid press information diet - the sharper ones of which are shut down whenever a pointed pertinent question is asked. The mainstream news - BBC, SKY and ITV are no better. The foriegn (non US) channels are our only real means of balancing the UK's media propaganda IMO Cameron and George are looking after their immediate political positions and future job prospects in the city - as in all probability they will be out of offic
  12. Agree. They - the ruling so called elite - are determined to crush living standards and what few 'freedoms' there are left. They fear the escalating social unrest - seen in other countries - and which is very much under reported here. Also - this is an opportunity to try to manipulate public perception into falsely believing it's the poor who are to blame for Britains malaise. Thatchers triumphant destruction of the unions together with the selling off of state assets to the private sector has contributed massively to this mess. 40 years ago they could hold the powerful unions partly
  13. Very interesting post. I've given up on the UK media - rely instead on RT news, Al Jazeera, Press TV and even Euronews to reveal what's going on - and of course the Keiser report (on RT news) and on the edge with Max Keiser (PressTV). What dominates our news? drivel from Theresa May about some potential deportee being saved by a cat - a truly pitiful standard of leadership.
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