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  1. For you information. Every single person on here is a VI (Vested Interest), I know I am. There so such thing as a unvested interest why would yopu become a member of a club called housepricecrash other wise. On here you have to types of people. Dickheads and *****ers, who cares which is which, every view point must be empathised or the site wil die on the table.
  2. It does matter who you vote for !!! The rich in this country have attained their wealth through being ruthless, inherited, old school tie *****ers. No matter who you vote for you get what I call the hidden masters in power. They tell you who to vote for and you vote for them. the media spin stories and portray a party that fits your democratic group. In the next election Gordon Brown will win !!!!!! Why because you are told to. Your choice is irrelevent. Whoever you vote for you vote for them, our hidden masters.
  3. A lad at work today, says he has recieved a court summons for a hearing about repossesing his property. On the envelope was the markets "Do not redirect". This was the first bit of post he claims he has recieved in months. As the story goes it appear he left the payment for the home with his wife and that it came out by direct debit every month. What has transpired is she had cancelled the direct debit and was channelling the money into another account she had setup to runaway from him. She had taken out a lot of credit cards and loans, but apparently she had setup a mail redirection to a mailboxes etc in Manchester, where she collected all the mail, bills demands for payments etc and disposed of any evidence of their true financial state. She left him a few weeks ago to go to abroad somewhere, having run up £60,000 worth of loans and credit card debt not to mention the money he was giving her to pay the mortgage. Basically, we will see how this runs in the upcoming months, needless to say, you pays your mortgage and are you sure.
  4. The crash has been cancelled. You will see drops in the market over the next year of upto 5%, some areas will rise by 5%. What you will not see is a the boom we have had over the last few years. The air has all but gone from the balloon and its is coming down. Hoever the BofE, Treasury, Chancellor Darling and PM Gordon Brown have a vested interest (VI) in not letting a crash occur and will tweak and stack the market to ensure. We are all smart (fine) for now. Your home will probably lose value of up to 5% this year. Back to 2005/06 levels. No harm there then.
  5. Whats your problem with the OP. The fact that he give a toss about something that does not directly affect him. (A selfless and noble act) or the fact that he is a millionaire. I wish I could attend the rally, but its a little short notice being only 2 days away. I have already made plans and worn my hpc tshirt sating "zhinzhon is always right, except when he's wrong".
  6. Follow the herd. If you even knew what a troll was, you certainly wouldnt be calling me one, unless you were congentically stupid. But hey, you did and you are and we are where we are. Name calling again. If you dont like my opinions challenge them, name calling lowers your value of conversation.
  7. The run on the bank is over. The stock markets are back up. Crisis averted. Back to normal.
  8. Thanks for the information. I dont understand a word of what you wrote, but the words "Moral" and "Hazard" sort of give away what its about. I dont think anyone really gives a stuff. Thanks for bringing it up though.
  9. I am emmigrating to Scotland. They will soon be independent from the UK and speak English after a fashion. House price are also much cheaper too.
  10. Much like 99.999% of the population. At least theres a name for it now. Thank you for enlightening us all with your insight. Now go upstairs, your mum wants you in bed, the tapping on the keyboard is keeping her awake.
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