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  1. Ignore them there have been over fifty hyperinflations of paper currencies in the last one hundred years. Can you spot any empty countries out there as a result? NO. Those who profit or cheerlead the currenty abominibal system should be ingnored as they simply don't understand the fate of all debt backed paper. Sure it will be grixly and unpleasant but then living in the current system sure doesn't look to be a winner. It always fails ALWAYS.
  2. One of my big society bits is helping with the school pool, what did he do to save so much money? I would be interested to know.
  3. I thought we were in it together, I am certain the rest of the world doesn't see the subtle distinction you make.
  4. Sanitised embedded journalism. Same goes for property or Journalism - they are all embeded.
  5. A yield is somebody elses liability to pay - it's a promise. Why do you want to banish this thread? Stay a while you may learn something.
  6. Shops selling Gold on every street, 120% loans to buy a Krugerand, Gold under the Hammer, Sovereign Sovereign Sovereign hosted by Phil and Krusty. How I made my Buy to Sell Gold fortune slapped across the Daily Express. Gold accounts for less than 1% of financial assets globally. Bubble! do me a favour. You definately have a VI!
  7. I don't follow London but it seems to me that volumes are appalingly low in London and the prices are skewed by large purchases, neither is sustainable in the long run. Normal sales volumes are essential to a sensible economy where there is flexibility of labour and its movement, volumes can only increase as prices fall. Its happening outside london and it will happen inside as well, London looks like the direct oposite of a sensible and sustainable housing market. London was not imune from the last crash despite the Arabs and the Japanese.
  8. I have no doubt that both have real estate in the UK and probably Paris, Tokyo, New York, Shaghai - you get the point. But these guys probably bought years ago for a bolt hole. I know the Colonel has always liked the Yellow stuff and I am sure the same is true of the General. I am also presuming that any real estate the Colonel has in the UK has now been seized along with all his other iliquid assets. Don't count on a few dodgy generals to keep the UK property market afloat.
  9. Absolutely I couldn't agree more. Hitler came to power after the failed policies (we are doing the same) destroyed the middle classes - the Jews became the scapegoat initially for their financial acumen. Germany in 1920 was not a crackpot nation - it had lost the first world war and had massive debts but it still had some of the most advanced engineering in the world many of the great names existed during these times. It was still an industrial power house and yet it still went through a hyperinflation. From my reading of the Weimar Republic it was politics popularity and personalities that ultimately lead to bad decisions being made. We are on the same path no question and we seem to have nothing to steer us away from calamity especially not the BBC.
  10. I love to watch Question Time, I think its brilliant, it's the best programme on the telly in reminding me what a bunch of dumbf*cks are running the country. The total bias week after week from the panel and the audience when it comes to any fiscal responsibility and the tortuous use of the words debt and deficit reminds me why we are so fuc*ed. Watched the audience boo and heckle Peter Hitchens the other week for suggesting we live within our means, it really drove home the point that we will always end up debasing our currency to try to continue living the dream there is no way out. Fiscal responsibility will only come as a result of a calamity not through any democratic process, we have an entitlements democracy we are unable to extracate our selves from the situation. Don't shout at the telly but bet against the lot of them because they are all heading for a great big fall.
  11. I remember being told the Arabs were buying up London in the 80's buy now before its too late, then it was the Japanese, then after that it was the Russians and now the Chinese. Been here seen it all done it all before t'was a myth then and its a myth now a handful of buyers however rich they are cannot move a market composed of some 26 Million dwelling throughout the UK. Real Estate is an iliquid asset liable to be heavily taxed and subject over time to depreciation especially if not used, there are other more portable more liquid assets for investors to own.
  12. Lenin was being less than truthful as he knew full well the process he was describing above was/is not capitalism but is what happens when Socialists infiltrate capital markets. Under pure capitalism nobody has the right to create money out of thin air. Socialists need bankers to create the debt they so love to use to bribe their supporters with. Capitalism isn't dying in this country it is Socialsim that is dying, once our currencies are destroyed we will once again return to a more equitable sound money system. That is until the Socialist statist money printers mess it all up again.
  13. We had an election. There is a different lot in and that is how it goes always has done and always will. The public sector has had a good run the party is over. TBH the banking system is so f*cked that what ever new promises are cobbled together now won't be met either!!!
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