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  1. Welcome to your Uber rabbit hutch, due to a current pricing surge in your area your rent is being increase 400%, if you are having trouble paying this Uberbank will arrange a loan to carry you over the current surge.
  2. Try snowheads.com, it is supposed to be a ski website but the "apres" section is full of middle aged blokes arguing about stuff. Don't expect illiberal views to be welcomed with open arms but the bloke who runs it rarely locks threads or bans anyone.
  3. > It said that that while the leadership was strongly committed to diversifying the economy beyond oil, that intention might not be enough. What are they planning? Selling sand to Brighton?
  4. I see the US has now back pedaled after tweeting that they destroyed an ISIS tank in support of their SAA partners. They retweeted without the SAA part.
  5. USAF seemed to be providing a lot of support to the SAA in Palmyra and is now doing so in Deer ez Zor. So what they say in the UN and what they do on the ground appear to be different things.
  6. We must have half a dozen pikeys come around each summer offering that service. Always have non lettered white vans and number plates with no department identifier on them. Some are actually offering a service, some are just casing your house so they can come back later to thieve everything. A few neighbours have had their roofs done but as you say, it is stupid. One guy in town had the thieving pikeys on his roof with a big petrol driven jet washer. Gippo #1 turned the spray on and blew himself off the roof suffering serious injuries to his back (allegedly). The householder was arrested by the police because he didn't check the people he employed were registered or paying tax (they are pikeys, they pay tax to no mortal, doh!) and he is now facing a huge compo bill from injured pikey who is going around in a wheelchair for a workplace injury.
  7. Like barter. You can confiscate the produce of farms but pretty soon afterwards you have a famine on your hands.
  8. I'm seriously tempted to immigrate to the UK and live off tax credits, they sound fantastic.
  9. I was out practicing this morning, all the shots were dropping a bit to the left. I must adjust the sights.
  10. Are the SDF the heart eating islamonutjobs, or some other group of terrorists?
  11. French TV had a report on the Brexit a couple of days ago and the banks were talked about, particularly whether Paris would pick up a huge amount of banking business. The experts that were interviewed concluded that there was zero change of the banks moving out of the city for all the reasons they were currently there including an experienced labour pool, infrastructure, good place to do business. At most they would move the pass-porting operations offshore but were more than likely just going to run brassplates with as few staff as they could get away with in some European center. That could be Paris due to the Eurostar links.
  12. Another article from the Indy http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/no-more-arab-revolutions-a7492591.html with signs of realism.
  13. Interesting. I was at Siemens Munich from 87 to 91 and they certainly didn't speak or work in English then. Most people could speak reasonable (but not fluent) English though. I had to speak German and documentation was in German.
  14. I was interested to see French TV news had sent a journalist into east Aleppo where he spoke to some of the locals (no they were not all evacuated as the BBC would have you believe). He was surprised to find that the locals were happy to see the back of the rebels who had made their lives hell. The BBC carried the French TV pictures yesterday but cut the interviews with the locals and instead implied that all the locals had gone. The Beeb then cut to Bana the Tweeting 7 year old, neither she or her mother were able to speak English close to the level in her tweets - so obviously someone else was behind the whole thing.
  15. She would have been able to take early retirement at 52 on 145K euros / year (erm, keep that amongst ourselves ok?). Seems great to you and me but probably chump change for Lagarde. Apparently silver tongued Dominique de Villepin charmed her by telling her that she was too young and too useful to France to retire and should make a career change to politics. You can imagine Lagarde going all gooey "oh Domi, do you really think so, no one has spoken to me like that recently". Word on the streets is that Lagarde is a fall guy for this and was instructed to let Tapie have his dosh - no one really understands why, given Tapie is part of the so called left wing of French politics and it was a right wing regime that okayed the money. I guess Lagarde was told she would be protected on this. The French government is currently suing Tapie for fraud in an effort to recover the money. Good luck with that one.
  16. The missus knows old Tangerine Head, she was telling her something along the lines of: "I was a senior partner at Baker & McKenzie, not far off early retirement if I wanted when these politicians came and flattered me into accepting a ministerial job, it has been a nightmare, politicians are worse sharks than lawyers!" The missus wasn't too impressed saying she shouldn't have had her head turned by silver tongued politicians. Lagarde was whinging that she was just "decoration" and nobody actually listened to any of her ideas. It is unfathomable why she let Tapie walk off with 400 million. I can only suppose that Tapie (a former radical party politician, singer and crook) knows where the bodies are buried. Or perhaps 400 million seems like small change to Lagarde; not worth making a fuss about.
  17. Rebel counter attack to the North of Aleppo. Judging by some of the photos coming out of Palmyra it looks like a bit of a rout for the Russian forces who left things like Mastercards scattered on the ground of their base in their hurry to bug-out. This seems to play more into the narrative of Mosul forces redeployed to Syria - but surely the Russian's (who always see 12 moves ahead) had anticipated that?
  18. The Palmyra thing is a bit odd. First of all how do ISIS roam around a desert without let or hindrance without being spotted and blitzed by Russian or Syrian aircraft? Al Nusra seem to be able to operate tanks around Aleppo too; you would imagine they would be easy to spot and take out. So Palmyra - ISIS have obviously recovered a lot of fighters withdrawn from Iraq to bolster their numbers. They attack, the SAA retreats leaving manpads (according to Turkey), a variety of tanks and other weaponry including air defense systems. Now why did the Syrian army have manpads in Palmyra? Against whom? ISIS doesn't exactly have an airforce. It could be Turkish lies or was Russia leaving a cash of weapons that ISIS can use against the Turks in the north? If that is the case why has ISIS pressed the attack on the T4 Airbase after getting the gear they needed. Or have the US supplied ISIS with Manpads and are Turkey using this as an excuse as to how they got into ISIS hands?
  19. If you have a UK ltd company then it is a separate legal entity, I don't see how that will be affected. Indeed post Brexit there may be even less sharing of tax information. If you mean computer contractors living in France and paying themselves in dividends and avoiding high French social security charges as one HPCer was boasting about. I already explained why that was not legal and how he was filling in his tax return incorrectly for his foreign dividend earnings. Obviously he wasn't too interested to hear that.
  20. > > Love the way although he's very geeky he comes out with a very perceptive comment at the end. Just for me, as I've never seen The Office, can you give me the background to that.
  21. Some info on the IBM layoffs http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/ibm-job-cuts-leaked-document-exposes-first-ever-mass-firing-netherlands-1568857
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