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  1. Welcome to your Uber rabbit hutch, due to a current pricing surge in your area your rent is being increase 400%, if you are having trouble paying this Uberbank will arrange a loan to carry you over the current surge.
  2. Try snowheads.com, it is supposed to be a ski website but the "apres" section is full of middle aged blokes arguing about stuff. Don't expect illiberal views to be welcomed with open arms but the bloke who runs it rarely locks threads or bans anyone.
  3. > It said that that while the leadership was strongly committed to diversifying the economy beyond oil, that intention might not be enough. What are they planning? Selling sand to Brighton?
  4. davidg

    SJW meltdown

    French women are due to down tools today at 3.40 pm, they claim that due to a 26% pay gap they are not being paid after this time. With all the free housework they do it is hardly worth them getting out of bed.
  5. davidg

    SJW meltdown

    Now you would think that a business that used all its talents and rewarded them properly would out compete some business that only takes advantage of middle class white males. I mean, why intentionally draw your talent from a small gene pool? The FT Article Hotairmail links to actually goes some way to answer the question. Public schoolboys have a sense of entitlement which means they ask for promotion and pay rises - but it still doesn't answer my question of why such firms that give in to those demands survive. However the article also points out that being a Lawyer isn't just about being good at your job but also in attracting clients, here a whole load of "soft skills" come into play. At the law firm where my wife was an associate one of the women had brought in a huge client list because she had the right background and moved in the right social circles. When she was passed over for partner (she wasn't a man) she left and took her clients with her, the firm suffered as a result although hasn't gone bust. Maybe also, ******** jobs play a role. A lot of jobs have no real purpose or impact on the economy so whether you are good bad, male female, black, white makes little difference, so paying white blokes more because they shout more has little impact. Or maybe HR departments are punishing whiny SJW types.
  6. davidg

    The War In Syria

    I see the US has now back pedaled after tweeting that they destroyed an ISIS tank in support of their SAA partners. They retweeted without the SAA part.
  7. davidg

    The War In Syria

    USAF seemed to be providing a lot of support to the SAA in Palmyra and is now doing so in Deer ez Zor. So what they say in the UN and what they do on the ground appear to be different things.
  8. davidg

    SJW meltdown

    Surely the sterile hag bags will die out ?
  9. We must have half a dozen pikeys come around each summer offering that service. Always have non lettered white vans and number plates with no department identifier on them. Some are actually offering a service, some are just casing your house so they can come back later to thieve everything. A few neighbours have had their roofs done but as you say, it is stupid. One guy in town had the thieving pikeys on his roof with a big petrol driven jet washer. Gippo #1 turned the spray on and blew himself off the roof suffering serious injuries to his back (allegedly). The householder was arrested by the police because he didn't check the people he employed were registered or paying tax (they are pikeys, they pay tax to no mortal, doh!) and he is now facing a huge compo bill from injured pikey who is going around in a wheelchair for a workplace injury.
  10. davidg

    Donald Trump

    Yes but she could still have supplied surface to air missiles to Al Quaida freedom fighters so they could shoot down European holiday makers. warplanes of the Syrian regime.
  11. davidg

    Donald Trump

    Johansson lives in France Watson is British Theron is a Saffer WTF are they doing protesting about Trump?
  12. davidg

    Donald Trump

    Not if you are a leftie, because whatever happens, its Fatcher innit
  13. davidg

    Donald Trump

    Sounds like he's been listening to my boss who says "Run to the fire, not away from it"
  14. Like barter. You can confiscate the produce of farms but pretty soon afterwards you have a famine on your hands.
  15. I'm seriously tempted to immigrate to the UK and live off tax credits, they sound fantastic.

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