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  1. Think yourself lucky you have only read about what has happened to this country. Sorry but you're talking from a bad memory and guesses! They are all different, except they are all now (wrongly in my opinion) trying to act middle of the road!
  2. You sound like you are full of hate as well!
  3. What absolute rubbish! This is crap brought out by these Labour muppets to make them feel better about their failed socialist policies dressed up to look middle of the road! Even the present Tory party doesn't talk about "Tory" policies. That will come when they (the politicians who only react) really realise what shit they have caused, but that won't take months!
  4. As it lags the stock market, when the stock market turns down, which is topping now. So it will begin to gain momentum in around a month or so! I reckon it will bottom in 1014/15 but if you see something worth buying in a year or two make them an offer?
  5. Everything? Make that nothing! This bear market rally has ended and obviously house prices correlate with stock markets minus around one month. Buy now and suffer more than anyone else in the country! :angry:
  6. What is weird about that? If you could sum up stock markets - that would be it!
  7. All things come to an end. Especially bear market rallies! All the way down from now - with a few mountains inbetween of course!
  8. Or perhaps it is you with no clue. We will see......
  9. In hell! Yes this month is the turning point, and 2010 will make 2008 look like a great year!
  10. May is the word! This government have to be the most corrupt for tens of years! :angry:
  11. Of course it is planned in a way, but all anyone needed to make any money was advice from the good people who made the bottom chart plus a brain and a few quid to invest and one could make 4 or five times investment!
  12. Sorry Captain Irrelevant, but not everything boils down to your micro argument with yourself. Your evidence was flimsy at best even if you do try to patch it up by ridiculous side arguments. Using old information over a decade old about something changing so quickly should not surely be taken seriously. Not for me anyway. I think you are a bit of a joke. A rude one at that. I think you like it that way arguing with absolutely everyone.
  13. Right... and you say this only happened since 1994? What day did this happen in 1994? Hour?
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