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  1. I know a few people who have applied for jobs on the production side of this plant and the wages are some of the highest paid for manufacturing in the area. Usually operators start at £20k ranging upto mid £30's for decent technical staff. Very few manufacturers pay anything close to this in the area. All I can say is that they must still hold a very high percentage of UK permanent staff for the union to still have some strength. Most production plants I have links with in Yorkshire are running with key hard working UK staff and the rest made up of Polish and Portugeuse temps. If the Coca
  2. So all you southern shandy drinkers can converse with us northern monkeys.... http://snaphappy.com/life/?q=node/5&PH...00e52be0a909a7f
  3. hmmm im unfortunately 33.... maybe for once an estate agent seems to be correct :-(
  4. wish i had kirst been all girlie with me...theres something about her.....it may be her posh accent or nice big breasts..id certainly like to give her one....has anyone on here goy any saucy pics of her :-)
  5. well this could be a turning point for future tv programs!! ...ive just taken my noose down and started handling sharp objects again :-)
  6. To see a return to x3.5 salary wed be looking at drops of around 60%.....i am beginning to doubt whether we will see drops of this much now..or maybe im just a bit depressed tody :-(
  7. im a manic depressive who dwells on current house prices as a block to any form of future happiness :-(
  8. ...thought i would add a few ftb gems of my own...... ..it may surprise some readers that houses can still be bought this cheaply but the areas they are in seriously the pits....little or no jobs and chav infested...and the chavs up north tend to be more violent and unstable than your chav from down south 1.Check out the neighbours either side.. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-535..._t=buy&chnl=buy 2.I'd love to come home here after a stressful day at work...I know its only £65k ....but thats still a lot of anybodys money... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-413..._t=bu
  9. my ex girlfriend always used to harp on about her 13k a year job with her masters in english lit....and how she couldnt understand it when she reads about graduates earning £20k+ as an average....what did you mean by "old style milk round jobs" btw?
  10. for further reading on this subject can i recommend... http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/1...8450623-9248652
  11. eww Steve are you serious!!!! (notice the clever use of posting then deleleting to soften people up into admitting things they wouldnt normally do
  12. In reply to BlueLady.....I nearly bought a terrace house in Doncaster 12 months ago...the asking price was £75k....it only fell through when the owner wanted a £1000 non returnable cash deposit to make sure he'd sell the house to me!! This house has just been sold again maybe 2 months ago...not sure what it went for but it was up at £105k. An increase of 40% within a year on the asking price. Its all dependant on what area you live. Here in "Booming Doncaster" there have been massive house price increases. Luckily the introduction of the new airport here with the creation of 3000 jobs with
  13. I hear the talk of a 30% drop but if this turned to reality there would still be plenty of FTB'ers still unable to afford to buy. IMHO a 30% drop would only take prices back to what they were 12 months ago and back then I felt they were over priced. A drop of 40-50% is really needed to bring price of the average house on the bottom rung of the property ladder back to within grasping distance of your average waged FTB'er. Is it just me or is everyone getting sick of bloody houses and house prices. Isnt there more to life???
  14. I dont know about TTRTR having a hernia....but ive certainly got one and its getting operated on tomorrow ...seriously wish me luck !!
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