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  1. I hope so Last Bear has been the same around here for about 6-8 months at least.I wonder if the downturn hasn't been too short for people to rally 'get it' The good old days weren't that long ago still fresh in the minds of everyone who wanted to buy.Prices never put them off lack of funds did and it seems GB and AD have fixed that for now.
  2. I have just exchanged yesterday on a 3 bed terrace lovely house and road bought from a btl landlord at 2003 ish price 30% off last yrs peak and 25% off asking.We only took 3 weeks from viewing to completion.Agent v helpful admitted market was slow and really helped us negotiate the price in our favour.BUT horror of horrors today when I phoned re keys etc he wasn't there and his secretary said the phone has been ringing off the hook the last 2 days and lots of buyers around again I feel Gordon has done something to re inflate the bubble even temporarily!
  3. have bought on the edge of the golden triangle where i lived for years One road away and a bigger house and 200k cheaper! House next door sold for 330 last year Last one sold in street for 305 in May and I paid 220.Ex buy to let in pretty good condition.Offered what i thought it was worth and didn't shift.The agent very much worked for me.I eschanged yesterday and complete friday which is exactly 3 weeks from viewing to keys.So it can be done
  4. I have done the same.I found a house which had been a student let All new wiring and plumbing in a great road on level ground etc(I am disabled|)The house next door sold for 305 in may and I got this one for 213 so am happy.Solicitors going to exchange and complete this week as I am worried about the money and tried to open a northern rock e saver and it is closed!I know it will be worth less next year but i have stuck my head in the sand about that
  5. Is my money safe in the nationwide for another 2 weeks?Large amount and buying a house (i know don't shoot me am disabled and got 27% off),Difficult to know where to put it as I'll need it in 2 weeks
  6. Brighton is falling for sure.I offered 200 on a 300k place and was refused but have secured it at 213 so big drop and in a good area.
  7. I have just had an offer accepted.Am in Brighton.It was on for 300 and I offered 200 and you can imagine the response.Eventually settled at 213 on a lovely house in a good area which i plan to keep for yrs i hope.Similar houses sold last summer for 335 upwards to 350 so a big fall although needs a bit of updating.I am a cash buyer so it is different I think if youm can wait a couple of yrs it will be better but do understand the desire to be settled
  8. I think you are right.I have just bought I offered 200k on a 300k house and eventually got it at 213. The agent was amazingly honest and told me they are selling nothing BUT they still have lists of people on their records who want to buy in the area and they can't get mortgages So only the mortgage is stopping them not the silly prices.Apparently a 15% drop from last years prices increases the viewings on a property massivley and most at that level sell.
  9. halifax preston park closed this week.
  10. If someone bought their council house for 40 k in 1997 and then mewed it up to its max of 220k last summer with cars holidays plus drama school for 1 child Now in trouble with the big mortgage could they sell the house back to the council and then rent their house all over again?So in effect all their material luxuries end up paid for by the state Tell me no
  11. I went past the little halifax near me today and all the usually suited and booted staff were in jeans and t shirts and were carrying boxes out and all photos out of the window.
  12. No I am female and was wearing inappropriate shoes.Liked the big plant
  13. did it have wooden panelling in the kitchen because the beard sounds familiar! Only this site stopped me!
  14. Coldean is not the nicest place and 170 is a lot i think to live there.
  15. thanks alfie we are just in a weird situation tbh.Cannot find a decent erntal near sons school adn friends and can't move too far as i can't drive!But there is no way i would pay more than 70% of asking an although thye may drop further with rent at 1k a month i would be better off.Have decided not to proceed with the terrace as tbh it did need a refurb and i feel i could get more for my £ maybe after xmas.My son and i are going to tackle this place tomorrow and try and make it bearable for another 6 months and then look again xxxxxxx
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