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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-35604776
  2. Im no bull. I ocnsider myself a realist. This all happened back in 2004. HPI plummeted and almost hit 0% and what did the BoE do!!!! cut the rates. I still firmly believe the same will occur this time. Gordon and his pals will do all they can to prevent this mother of a bubble exploding! Period.
  3. Thanks for the post King, I think there is one important factor being over looked regarding this HPC. We have been here before in 2004 and it looked like the s*** was going to hit the fan. I believe it is a possibility the same will happen again. Mortgage approvals will drop, EA's will cack themselves, the spin and builders rediculus incentives will increase and just before HPI reaches zero the BOE will cut rates regardless (the BOE and Brown will do all they can to prevent reaching that psychologocal point).
  4. This morning I checked rightmove new instructions for my area. Over the last 24 hours 80 new properties were posted. With 19 No Chains. That is nearly 24%.
  5. Have you seen Sky news this morning. There coverage of the interest rate hike and the CPI/RPI increase has been fantastic for triggering panic mode/sentiment change in the sheeple. Then, to put the final nail in the coffin, in comes the you 'won't get a fixed rate deal now there pulling them'. 1,2, 3. Excellent.
  6. Good post. I qualified as a mental health nurse 4 years ago. I work long shifts, bank holidays weekends nights and deal with difficuilt situations everyday. On top of this the management is terrible. It is also quite clear now that jobs are being lost in our trust. Morale is low, there are ever decreasing numbers of staff with many undertaking several roles a day - patient care is suffering. I have been on several courses and completed a BAhons since being qualified. However, I have received no extra pay. 'The attitude that we are on par for an easy life as nurses is unbelievable.' Open your eyes sheeple and see the real truth.......
  7. At last someone polite and appropriate with their manner. Yes, this site has helped me to make an informed choice. I am more the wiser and better off. Thank you again to all the posters who contributed their own personal opinions. The circumstance and conditions meant it was the right time for me to buy. Lets hope I have no regrets in a years time!
  8. I get your point Sam and agree with you 100%. There are some very nasty posters on this forum, who don't want to here anything agaisnt the HPC way. Likewise things have picked up in my area, shouldhave known better that to post it on here though
  9. It depends if your investing to make money or wanting a home to be secure in with your family. I am after the latter. I still think prices will go down but they ain't cruising at the rate posters expected by now are they? This bubble has caught many out in more ways than one. Many posters on here expected Bubb reductions of 1% by now. What do we get comparison to gold. Yes there going down very slowly. There will always be a spring bounce every year IMO but this one has been strong. Wihtout forced sellers, as in 1989, there will be no short sharp crash. Could be a while yet, I fear.
  10. Yep probably true, matbe EAs talking s*** to my friends. All I know is they aint got the property and were told higher bidder went in after them.
  11. This property had been unsold for a year and was reduced 3 times. Spring came they offered got it and then were gazumped. It is obvious to me the answer, rates have been stable for some time, joe public has not seen a crash and the media is not hyping one. Thus around my local area it appears that buyers are coming back this spring!!
  12. Im not panic buying at all just need a house to live in. I need security for my family. In two years we are now in our third rented property. Got a good deal 20% reduction and 10 year 4.67 loan. I cant see the problem. ive not overstreched on income multiples (2.89% joint). If i wait any longer i will soon be loosing money, spent a fortune in rent. It appears that prices dropped for a time and have now stabilised. They have to crash at some point without a doubt, i just cannot be bothered or seee the beneifts of waiting any longer. Off course if we lose our jobs in the forthcoming depression then there might be trouble!
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