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  1. A 'hair replacement technician' who bought a £200K rundown house in September 2007 without viewing and without telling her partner. Is 'savvy' another word for 'fckwit?
  2. Only if you take your example as fact. A quick look at rightmove shows the actual 'facts' on 2 bed places in Sawtry... 480pcm to rent 140k to buy Take 15% off for costs and your left with a yield of 3.5%. If your couple would like to lodge the 100k with me I'd be happy to give them £3500 a year in return for an annual fee of 20k which wouldn't matter of course as it would come out of the capital.
  3. Woh! And this is after £250,000 spent doing it up?
  4. So the cretin says he will ban 100% mortgages. But he didnae say anything about 125%... http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/53e54c1e-f0af-11...00779fd2ac.html
  5. Worryingly, he's still fooling 32% of the people you pass on the street every day.
  6. So what's his 'savant' skill? Farting the French national anthem? It's the idiot part(s) that's fkd the rest of us...
  7. General elections to be scrapped. Broon declares himself queen.
  8. Great bulletins SK. I especially like the following quote though I don't think the smiley is really big enough to do it justice...
  9. I think British call centres are quite good. One thing we do well at least. And we're good at making F1 cars. Can you run an economy on those two?
  10. Sibley assured us Maidstone was packed with shoppers with ten bags each. You're not calling him a liar I hope?
  11. When you need to pay the rent just say no. When a court order tells you to pay your arrears just say no. When the bailiffs come just say no. When the police enquire if you kicked the bailiff in the nuts just say no.
  12. Don't tell us. 'They' have gold detection devices disguised as cats.
  13. Northern Rock quite recently owned 125% of people's ex-council houses.
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