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  1. No I do not think we need to. What we need to do is redistribute the wealth of the country across the country. First move most of the government departments out of London. Then create tax schemes to encourage big business to spread out across the UK. That is the only thing that will bring down property prices in London. I am also for Scotland, N.Ireland & Wales going for devolution with Northern, Midlands & Southern Assemblies with tax raising powers. So London merely becomes a figurehead for the UK
  2. Hi There I have been looking at the site for about a year now just out of interest. I am a qualified plumber and run a handyman business. I am married and my partner works for a local newspaper part time. We own an eight bedroomed property on the wirral (the nice side of merseyside) which came to us thro family. My wifes grandma lives with us. From my mad twenties I have a large amount of debt which is currently being controlled by an IVA. As with everyone things have gone up in price and we are struggling to keep up. We are just about to put the house on the market as I cannot cope with the stress of keeping all the plates in the air. Hopefully the equity from the house will pay off the IVA and we will be home free. Unfortunately I am one of the generation that has been shagged by the baby boomers with house prices and I am not prepared to simply exist anymore. My stepson is 15 and will go away to college next year so it will just be the two of us. We will rent for a couple of years and we would love to buy a barge to live on so we can have our lives back Mark
  3. I tried to set up a petition on his website declaring no confidence in him but he wouldnt let me
  4. Why can he not be the big man & fall on his sword Its not gonna get any better for him Why dont they give another party a chance to save the country
  5. I didnt let it get to me I am just fed up with the following misconceptions 1. The whole UK revolves around london 2. Anyone who doesnt have a degree is as thick as pigshit 3. Its grim up north. I lived for 16 years in Bournemouth and I wouldnt go back I think people are gonna have to think long & hard about their choices from here on in Peoples greed has caused this mess and the ungreedy of us are gonna have to live with that I think it is true to say the harder/higher they climb the harder they fall and more people are gonna be crying in London than anywhere else
  6. Can I suggest a new competition, HOW BIG IS YOUR NEGATIVE EQUITY If prices were to drop 20% in real terms in 08/09 how big would yr negative equity be My house is valued at 180k now so would be 36k Mark
  7. As for property Guru as he is in the same positions as a friend of mine who is a property developer He buys property to to flip but pays others to do the work as he has no skills himself THAT DAY IS OVER THAT BUSINESS HAS GONE DOWN THE TOILET Mark
  8. Nothing against u my friend but is there anyway you could change ur job or life to minimize this or buy a more economical car With this new paradigm of fuel prices going up as much as they will do we are all going to have to make sacrifices or live with it The choice is yours
  9. oh 10% increase in rates = £1400pa + 10% extra = £140 extra pa = £12 per month I MAKE MORE THAN THAT IN AN HOUR
  10. No 1 I am not a scouser, I lived the first 16 years of my life in Bournemouth No 2 Yes I live in society BUT, I have a mortgage of £150000 and bought a nice house in a nice area (8 bedroom) by the way for £90000 five years ago I live opposite a park and have a nice view out of the window by me all the way over the mersey to the anglican cathedral by the liver buildings Have you ever thought about how the retail sales happen, well I will tell you, the retailer does a special deal with the manufacturer and simply cuts the mark up A few years ago I was looking at starting a high end hifi & home cinema sales business, I established some trade credentials and went to some trade shows, without knowing me from adam I was being offered 60-70 points off list that means a 50% markup if i discounted 20% which would put me at the cheapest in marketplace. I am told this is true all accross the electronics marketplace If we extrapolate that across the board that means a lot of people are getting screwed and retailers are very very greedy and could afford to cut prices to combat inflation
  11. Yes agreed inflation will affect me i never said it wouldnt But how much i let it affect me is up to me Yes food & energy are a given but even these can be minimised by being savvy It has always seemed to me that we have all driven ourselves down this path by not recognising the difference between needs and wants (I learned the hard way thats why I have a £52000 IVA)
  12. But its all about how u live, I am a plumber & handyman and live on the wirral (opposite liverpool) all my work comes from people who have small mortgages or no mortgages at all. I buy cheap food from asda or tesco, out of dates, bogofs etc Anything big i want i buy secondhand off ebay I already have an IVA but have an 8 bedroom house in a nice area so have taken in lodgers. The only way inflation affects me is it costs more in diesel to drive to my jobs which are two to five miles away Mark
  13. How about a new paradigm No more ea's all property goes to auction surely that would prove what property is really worth
  14. we would all love to know, surely that would bring him down
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