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  1. This low rental yield is the main reason I avoided Bulgaria. WHERE ARE THE RUSSIANS GETTING ALL THIER MONEY? I'm hearing they are also buying in Morocco in quite large numbers, indeed the developer Im buying from has added Russian language sections to thier sales blurb and web site.
  2. There are broadly two types of personality in this conversation. One type I would say make up the bulk of the population. They might at best have a vague notion of the credit crunch. They simply are'nt calibrated to give over thought to timing, or whether they might be better waiting before they buy. What they do drives the economy. Type two, a much smaller proportion will give a lot of thought to timing and trying to minimise the loss of status tickets (money). They will be more inclined to sense danger, which can be a good traite but is easily bastardised by an over active capacity to im
  3. A proportion of all populations at all times believe things are about to get worse. Surely the only rational position to take is this; Sub prime is re adjusting but wont go away Government deficits are always targeted by those of a gloomy disposition, yet France had a far larger defict as a % since the 1970s and.............. and what? And life went on. Mortgage approvals are taking a breather, is all. Happens from time to time. The economy slowing, means what exactly? Lets have low growth for a while, no worries. Still the same amount of money in the economy. Inflation - bears always s
  4. Wow, just had a mild statement removed - first time since comming here from 2004+ So its ok for users to describe bullish types as sheeple, or numpty investors, but not ok to make a humourous remark on some pessimists spending habits. Wow
  5. Those that split the curry house bill according to what each person ate, share a lot in common with many on this forum so fearful of a possible loss. Maximum 5% or so nominal falls is for most people an irrelevance.
  6. Monopoly, I am seeing the same here. Most people have not even heard of the credit crunch and certainly have not the remotest interest they might buy a property that falls in value. Life goes on and all that. [sweeping statement designed to belittle other members removed by moderator]
  7. A lot of people I know are in the process of looking for / buying a new home. They honestly do not even mention crash or credit crunch. As ever I think the doom sayers have expelled a lot of noise but thats all it is, noise. Again this demonstrates the sharp distinction between those that obsses on fear of loss of tickets (money) and those with the simple confidence to get on with life without fear of loss.
  8. I envy people who have no mortgage and a reasonable income AND CONSIDER THEMSELVES TO BE SITTING PRETTY. I wish I could be so easily contented. I will not feel safe and comfortable until mortgage paid up on my £700k house AND at least £1m net, in safe assets. There is a group of people that really to lord it about just because they have paid off mortgage and earn an ok income (£60000), but really they are not in a particularly comfortable position - when they retire they will typically have a fair income drop and have to downsize.
  9. I know not of the fees, just the rate cuts. Common sense dictates fees will not rise. Lets monitor Nationwide and the others. Current tracker fees for Nationwide range from £0 to £1499.
  10. Halifax, Nationwide, Abbey and RBS (yes the one you'all tell me is in deep do do) have also reduced 0.25% WHITE LABEL - I mention Oldie because lots of you told me sub prime lending had all gone, yet here we have a new entrant with sub prime 95% products to boot Strettttttch those reality tunnels campers
  11. Barclays and First National a horrid, sub prime, desperate lender have cut rates 0.25%. Other news - White Label loans has just entered the UK sub prime market with a 95% offering and will even accept self cert lie to buys at 90% with adverse credit.
  12. Atoms virtually last forever. The atoms that obligingly have come together for a while to form you, will disperse into the earth and atmosphere after death. Note your cells are made of the same atoms most everything else is, and that your cells today are completely new - the ones you had last year have all gone as dust, gas and shite - to become new forms. Some of your atoms after death will end up in other creatures, who knows possibly a chicken. I hope once you are a chicken you will not be dismayed selfish humans caused your battery existence suffering just because they wanted a cheap chi
  13. Soup, A boating chap told me Marina Saidia was a significant build as there will be berths of sufficient size to take the largest luxury boats which he said are too large for Peurto Banus. I'm not sure of the significance myself, nor why he compared to P Banus. I also considered the berths but for your reasons 1 and 3, I did not pursue. Not sure on your point 2. It's concievable the reported relatively large number of footballers buying here (I understand all the sports villas were sold, not given to footballers), the 500 shop complex and substantial marina might be quite a combination. I d
  14. Jim Mellon bought 500 appartments in Berlin in 2005, which is one of the reasons I invested there. Most bears at the time told me I was nutz. The possible flaw in Jims theory that UK prices will fall 20 - 40% could be that he has not given enough wait to the fact property is not ONLY a pure investment, it has a utility value that shares and gold do not. Also what is the alternative for property investors? They will never trust packaged SM investments again.
  15. FTSE movement is all just crowd noise. Will people still buy toothpaste and matches? Of course they will and someone somewhere will turn a profit by trading with these other Humans. Dividends will still be paid, the clock will still tick, the sun will still rise. We await the launch of futher new lending sources such as 'White Label' that recently opened for business selling 95% loans to those with adverse credit. Tick tock
  16. What, you mean the sky isn't falling in
  17. What, like the great 1930s depression when more houses were built in London than at any other time? Take a look at all those 1930s semis, for example the endless ranks in places like Wembley, Northolt, Enfield and so on. And that was during a depression. What we face now is immensely smaller, so nothing to see here, move along. The chicken lickens vastly over egg the downside.
  18. However this is somewhat counterbalanced by cash rich LLs buying right now whilst there are good pickings amongst distressed sellers, plus rising yields. Paragon is but one lender. Plenty more are entering the B2L arena and quite a few now only require rental cover to be 100% - 110% of interest only mortgage payments, whereas the previous calculations hovvered about the 125% area. Also many people let their current home when they move and in the main I find those people dont ever declare this to their existing lender.
  19. HEYLPPPP the sky is falling in.............. Chicken Licken here has such a narrow reality tunnel that he does'nt recognise England as the only England in the Universe. This tiny little speck in space that sucks in nomads, the only England in the Universe, yet he still cant see how Humans will aspire to this one and only little corner of space. In the 1750's another Chicken Licken in the Times for years told us England was going to the dogs, that Gin consumption would destroy us finally. Every decade has it's chicken lickens with thier distorted reality tunnels. Chicken Lickens always thin
  20. The remoteness argument was always a non starter. As I always said, a development with what is reported to be the Meds largest marina, is not going to go un noticed.
  21. Pessimists said AIDS would devastate the UK. For years pessimists have said Brid Flu is about to wipe us all out. Muslims are not at war with the West. This is again classic non thinking. A few extremists are at war with the west. The classic pessimists will inflate such by vast multiples - "ohhhh mark my words, this (2001) is the start of a global war" My piffle was on here in 2004 urging the bears to re think. Everyone of them was just like you - utterly convinced by thier pessmistic phantoms. Your version of reality is just one narrow programmed version, but you porbably will never real
  23. Typical Dailymailisms. You assume because graduates have more debt they will postpone buying for 5 years, yet none I know in the real world have so done. You say most of the new workforce is on barely enough to live on. Again, just leaps of faith here. I expect you are the type that thought we would all die from BSE, AIDS or Bird Flu! Or that the Muslims and Christians would enter a world war?
  24. My bin Man just told me he is migrating to Clacton, a 3 bed house for £139000. He earms about £20k. He is a FTB with a 5% deposit. He did'nt mention affordability being an issue. Seems like the pessimists long awaited cold wind is all hot air.
  25. NEW SUB PRIME LENDER JUST LAUNCHED - just as I predicted. WHITE LABEL LOANS will lend up to 95% with adverse credit, and 90% bad credit on a lie to buy basis for those who cant prove thier income! See my loverlys, life really does go on. FACT - 99% of people do not get repossessed. FACT - lenders need to lend if they want to exist FACT - even in the bleak 1970s with high unemployment, collapsing UK economy, strikes and OPEC crisis, life went on, people bought houses, the world did'nt end. Can someone let Chicken Licken know. Tell him he is self obsessed and unhealthily focused on his he
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