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  1. Is it unusual for more property than average to come on to the market at New Year?
  2. I think that I am correct re forced selling - the government has put an effective floor under the market (i.e. paying the interest on mortgages of 200k and under). Additionally, lots of people took out PPI - this also puts a floor under the market. Do you have anything to actually contribute or is a rolleyes simile the best you can muster?
  3. So hopefully that answers the question.
  4. IIRC Bubb & RB did - and str'd as well
  5. Jonathan Davies str'd in 2001
  6. eh? either you support repos or you do not. The 1990's crash is deeply embedded in the British pysche - there will be no return to the forced selling of that time.
  7. I am sure there will be - I very much doubt they will be retrospective though I am sure that it is your wet dream to see families thrown out on the street but there is zero chance that any government will let that happen - the scars of the reposessions of the 1990's have not been forgotten - they were a large part of the Tories 'nasty party' image that they battle to this day
  8. But the government has stepped in here too - if your mortgage is under 200k they will pay the interest!
  9. bateman

    Base Rate Is For Gordons Pals

    Yep - just like I have for the past 7 months
  10. bateman

    Base Rate Is For Gordons Pals

    The old nationwide bmr (which I have) is tied to max base rate + 2% - in the contract (mine at least)
  11. bateman

    The Perfect Market...

    Yes, I agree with this. I am just interested to hear of an example where a power has used "non-violent means to get their resources (free trade)" because I don't think it exists.
  12. bateman

    The Perfect Market...

    hmm - I'd be interested in seeing any examples of this
  13. bateman

    The Perfect Market...

    The state is not a parasite - it is the mechanism that enables that market.

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