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  1. Not sure if this point has been addressed before, and the reason I am mostly a lurker (see left! ) is because most of this site's contributors seem to voice exactly what I am feeling, and do it better! So most contributions I'd make would be little more than 'wot he said'. I also try not to spend too much time on here, as I'm more of a hifi nut and more interested in old valve amps and vinyl LP's, but it would be nice to one day own the house I live in so that I can wire in a separate spur to the music system! got my priorities right there eh? Anyway, tiresome self-deprecating aside...
  2. fish. (meaning that is his username, not "go and fish about for it you lazy git" ! ).
  3. This might be of interest - vaguely on-topic - a thread in the 'off-topic' section of the Pistonheads bulletin board, where I have lurked and occasionally posted for a couple of years. Started with a discussion on how the middle classes cannot afford to have children, and I have made a couple of postings (under the username "MeepMeepNeeeaarrrr!") explaining that one reason may be the huge financial obstacle as big as a... er.... house.... that most people are facing. There's also input from somebody in the building trade. Quite a lot of people agreeing with the points I made - I was half-ex
  4. Yikes, that's my home patch, I'm from Earley! Born and grew up there in the 80's.
  5. Well, I'm with CommonSense on this one as I'm in the same situation - though I'm not a family, I'm a single bloke, early 30's and I like peace, quiet and solitude. I also like beating the system and thinking outside the box. Since March I've been renting a cottage on a country estate - so it's owned outright by the occupants of the large house about 80 yards away - they are my nearest human neighbours. There's a rabbit warren opposite the front door (could be a good source of food) and I've seen roe deer in the field opposite the lounge window. I can listen to Wagner or Eminem at 11:45pm w
  6. Dogbox? Now... what was that you were saying about eating your own todger? Time to get the pickle out methinks!
  7. Well, I consider good spelling, punctuation and grammar to be important and I'm not old, unless you consider 33 to be over the hill. I come from a state school background as well, but I benefited from two scary primary school teachers who were hot on this sort of thing. In addition, when I was a kid I READ BOOKS. The last does more to teach you how to string a coherent sentence together than anything else in my opinion. We should recognise the fact that some people are genuinely unable to spell (I know a University Professor who has mild dyslexia), but there is no excuse for laziness. (Co
  8. Hey, I work for CSC as well, I'm based at Royal Pavilion in Aldershot, in GTS. Small world (or is it just a big company?!). I transferred there earlier this year as part of an outsourcing agreement, meaning I now have to commute about 80 miles a day! I'm currently living at home so that I can build a deposit a whole lot quicker. The idea is to get about 15-20K in the bank, then rent a place closer to Aldershot until prices stabilise at a sensible level, then buy. However based on what you say, it could be that we see a correction, followed by quite a long term decline. I certainly cannot
  9. Reminds me of Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf (Comical Ali) on the roof of the Palestine Hotel: "I triple guarantee you, there are no American soldiers in Baghdad..." ...with American troops and tanks clearly visible a few hundred yards away. I still haven't heard a convincing argument against the points raised in the 12/11/04 MoneyWeek report pinned in the 'Classic Threads' section. It convinces me not to commit to a 6-figure debt, anyway.
  10. Affordable! To paraphrase Douglas Adams, this must be a new definition of the word 'affordable' that I was not previously aware of.
  11. I used to be a mortgage clerk a few years ago. SER's (Structural Engineers Reports) cost a fortune and if they didn't come back favourable, we wouldn't touch the house with a bargepole. "Ideal investment opportunity" - to invest in a squat with no windows that might fall over. Actually, why go through all that bother. Here's a suitcase full of tenners, the lavatory's over there, get flushing!
  12. PARTLY DOUBLE-GLAZED!!!! This would be the one window remaining with glass in it then.
  13. I was spinning this little nugget on the old turntable tonight, the lyrics somehow seemed appropriate: Bit of a pointless post I know, possibly over-dramatic but that's what you get for having a music-obsessive on the board!
  14. Trev, did you get stuck in the Pompey gridlock a few weeks ago? For those that don't know, Portsmouth is effectively an island with 3 roads off - 1 single-carriageway with lights, 1 dual carriageway with lights, and the M275 which joins the M27. There was a fatal accident a couple of Thursdays ago on the M275 which closed it for 6 hours from about 2pm, I think. The whole of the city came to a grinding halt. I live on the seafront near Eastney, luckily I was able to get home down Eastern road but the other direction was a car park. There were cars parked - PARKED - on the seafront road u
  15. Alcatraz was easier to get out of. It can take 40 minutes to get the other side of the M27 from the more southern parts of the town. One main road out - the A32, single carriageway with a healthy sprinkling of traffic lights.
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