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  1. It's still on the market, since January 2012, at £995,000. Still not selling then, eh! 5 years.... wonder if it could be ... "price"? Just a thought.
  2. It's possible in some areas, not all. Minimum wage in many areas wouldn't cover the basic bills and rent. In my area, LHA on a 1-bed is £473/month. Minimum wage at (rounded) £6/hour is £12,480, which is a takehome of £900/month. With rent at about £500, income about £900, utilities/council tax about £200, travel to work about £100 and food about £100... that leaves £0. A 2-bed place is £580/month. I think rents grew to match housing benefits that the unemployed could get, which caused those amounts to go up, so rents went up. That and as houses were going up landlords needed to cover their mortgages, so the rents were higher. And everybody with an older house to rent saw the new rents being achieved and put theirs up. So housing benefit was increased to pay for these new higher rents ...... The LHA rate is set at one amount for a 50 mile radius of where I live, so you can't even go 3-4 miles up the road and get something a bit cheaper.
  3. 99.99% of the time: You will not own the land, you will have a license to occupy. You will pay a site rent of £2-3k/year. You will need to be aware there is a difference between a holiday park home and a residential park home. With a holiday park home you cannot live in it - most sites will be closed for 1-2 months of the year (with electricity/water shut off) and even if not then they might require you to move out every 21-28 days for 3 days as proof you're not living in it. There are greater protections in residential park homes to holiday park homes about being asked to leave. Most holiday park homes have a 10-20 year license, then they have to be removed entirely form the site - and are therefore worthless. Most residential homes now just need to be kept tidy; there is still a chance the owner will say it's tatty and to remove it. You can not usually then just replace it with another, but would have to buy a brand new one (much bucks) from the site owner.
  4. It looked to me like the bit on the left and the right were new, so I had a quick look and it was more than doubled in size. And was a prize winner. http://www.swansea.gov.uk/index.cfm?articleid=21695 So those aren't just sticks in a vase .... they're award winning sticks If you read the HIP, since 2006 it's been rewired and new central heating fitted. Additions were extra bedrooms, extra bathrooms, double garage added, new roof, rewired, new floors, new plumbing. And it's listed so they got their approval for everything too. HIP also states: Major renovation, new wooded windows/doors, replaced windows in line with Conservation Officer's advice. Is it worth a million? Who knows/probably not... but it does look like a doubling in size and major re-fit went on.
  5. It's be easier to work out if: - we knew how big houses were here (sq m is not part of the details in 99% of instances) - the question were given some structure, such as "the cheapest ... in your area" or "the 23rd house in your postcode area" The very very cheapest 1-bed flat in RM in my postcode area right now works out at £4,000/sq m. The very very cheapest 3-bed house in RM in my postcode area right now works out at £2,100/sq m.
  6. That one was last sold in December 2003 for £209k, it's number 5. http://www.houseprices.co.uk/e.php?q=5+Fleece+Walk%2C+London+N7&n=10 Zoopla, applying price ups/downs there put it at £286k http://www.zoopla.co.uk/property/5-fleece-walk/london/n7-9te/15129715
  7. I've been eyeing up a lovely flat, it's a studio and there's one for sale at £185k, or this one to rent at £550/month. The one for sale is very dated, the one for rent is smart enough but not all blinged up. So I got to wondering how low I could offer for the rental, I noticed it'd already dropped from £575/month and I can't really afford the £550, but I see it as an opportunity to live somewhere gorgeous for a year or so, that would be impractical to actually own due to remoteness. The service charge is £160/month, the agent fees are 10%/month. So I figured the LL would be forking out £160+£55/month, or £215/month - meaning the actual rent part in his hand (before any other consideration) is £335/month - so that's 2.1% I also spotted another one about 5 miles up the road, lovely views which caught my eye. That one's got 2 beds and is up for sale and rent. £100k or £550/month, with 10% agent fees and £1000/year service charge, so the yield on that one's 4.98%.
  8. Buy Tregothnan Tea - it's grown in Cornwall. http://www.tregothnan.co.uk/tea/p_302/ Mind you, it's £3.50 for 10 sachets of Classic Tea (20g) in their online shop Tregothnan Tea ... it's posh innit.
  9. I don't even know what civil servants do ..... I'll look at the list to find out. . . oh - are they mostly all London bases jobs? Never heard of most of them.
  10. Lots of this going on round my way too. First it was a whole heap of properties on from one agent with a special "OPEN WEEKEND - No need to book" offer. Then a couple of other agents jumped in and did it. But then - after the weekend, it changed to saying the offers were going on until 15th October (from memory). And I've noticed a lot of them have dropped even further in price since the initial "Get Moving Weekend".
  11. He's in Kent ... I could give him the nod about where to find a couple of distressed sellers we know down that way. He could take his pick from about 900 or so.
  12. I found this earlier, http://www.preloved.co.uk/fuseaction-adverts.showadvert/index-1032648483/a3f3e106.html , I rather fancied it except I've nowhere to put it.
  13. There was one for auction in Penzance in the past couple of years, which ended up being shown on Homes Under the Hammer. Interviewed the lucky buyer, who hoped to get PP on it for residential (from memory) .... but it couldn't have happened as I saw it back on the market soon after.
  14. Families have inflated expectations about their 'needs'. Having a brief conversation with a mate the other day, who has 2 kids and he's on the dole, missus works 18 hours/week, he spends £80 on two phones between them, £40 on credit cards, £40 on a business loan (wtf? he doesn't have a business), £500 on food ... and he was just off on a 500 mile round trip (2nd time in a month) to visit their family/mates and go out on the town and clubbing for 4 days. They're now trying to decide on some new sofas at £1500. Years ago, the people I knew on the dole were eating cheap mince meals, watching a telly that was probably from the tip, sitting on 2nd hand furniture and wearing hand me downs.
  15. A lot of people just have a habit of putting £20 or so in - if they're passing regularly, it might be part of their routine of popping in for bits and pieces if it has a shop. Personally, I hate filling up so usually wait until it's well in the red and then fill up completely. I've got one of those constant mpg indicators on my dash, had the car since March, filled up 4x I think, might be 3x now... £50-60 a time. I get 58mpg. I do think of every journey I make in terms of it costing me 10p/mile and up to 10p/mile for other running costs though, just because I have a compulsion to count things
  16. She's completely barking. She's got a very odd voice and most peculiar body posturing/movements. When I see her on the telly I have to stop and stare as if she's some circus freak ... she's just weird.
  17. I've seen others, on other boards, £20k here, £41k there. One woman on MSE's saying she did £20k as the final payment on a house due at the end of October and if she doesn't complete she loses all the previous payments she's made for it. This was to be the final £20k.
  18. From my skim reading of various sources, it would appear that they didn't hedge and the currencies moved against them. Unsubstantiated though, just what I've read.... so don't start rumours based on me posting this. I guess if you didn't cover your 4rse once, then you'd have a helluva game trying to play catchup with the customers' money - and with the markets not playing ball, it could just end in tears.... Gotta love these times when no facts are known - and we all have to make up the stories, eh!
  19. They got so many threads on the go - and a few shouting it was martin's fault ... that is now has its own Board. A whole new board sprung up on MSE just for the Crown stuff. And there's more, facebook and a Wordpress blog MSE Board: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/forumdisplay.php?f=202 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=135606383153658 Maybe a lot of you know your financial stuff, but there's more to the world and other people have other interests and lifestyles ... and maybe never meet a banker or anybody who has anything to do with financial stuff.... so they take the word of people like Martin/MSE as it's known as kosha/safe/good advice. How can these people understand what else they might Google? Nobody knows what they don't know until the shit hits the fan.
  20. This has been big local news on the telly and in the papers since late last week. Nationals haven't really picked up on it though because: 1] It's in Cornwall, so not London 2] The Conservative party passing wind is of more news-worthy material The national press etc will catch up soon... I think they're dithering as they're not sure where Cornwall is (except outside the M25) and aren't sure if it's a story or not. Expect more to come out as it is a big story really, including sub-plots of MSE/should Martin have warned them more, FSA protection/not ... and possibly whether this was an accidental ponzi, or a real ponzi, or just bad luck.
  21. For a single person, rents are too high. Looking at the cheap end of the market, 1-beds, just the rent is massive ... a couple scores as they only pay half each, so they either get nicer places or can still afford the 1-bed LHA rate. Hard working singles on low pay (low because so many people get top ups that employers no longer pay living wages) are stuffed.
  22. He managed to get almost far enough. Sale completed So, he's now got three years to improve his technique and rethink his method.
  23. I am finding that although I would be great at the job, I'm rubbish at the interviews.... there's a whole new way of interviewing people now that's alien and weird. It's like you're trying to answer an exam question paper without having ever done the syllabus. e.g. to put it into IT support terms (not the sort of jobs I am after, but trying to demonstrate something here)... instead of being asked if you've ever supported Windows Operating System, or if you've ever implemented security policies in NT, you're asked "what do you think the challenges of meeting user requirements are in the waste management industry?" ... srsly ... if somebody's a fab IT tech geek and this job happens to be in waste management, then isn't that a job for strategists, not jobseekers. So, I crash and burn at interviews.....
  24. The houses are now showing up on RM http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/find.html?locationIdentifier=REGION^25008&sortByPriceDescending=false&includeSSTC=true&_includeSSTC=on So sad ..... Another newspaper article from about 3 weeks ago said: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/westcountryproperty/7925084/Cornwall-village-for-sale-Trevalgas-last-stand.html
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