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  1. HOPELESSLY WRONG. You haven't got a clue. You can't have transport without oil. Electricity needs to be generated and stored. And forget enthanol. Tip1: don't contribute to threads with inaccurate simplistic tosh. Tip2: Read about things and get a better understanding than you now have. Tip3: don't use Snopes or wikipedia in an attempt to spoil debates. Funny stuff.. electric powered aircraft MAYBE!! ****** me.. that's so funny.
  2. Our education system is not inferior to the Polish education and since you haven't likely stepped into a school since you left school, I suspect you are talking about that which you do not know. I suspect you are talking out of your r's. Education is compromised in most countries of the world. After all, 1 adult and 20-35 kids, with 1 hour (or less) does not go. It just isn't optimum. Class-sizes of 16 or less would be optimum, but no-one would pay for that. You just do your best, or rather you just burn out teachers. Some 30% quit within 5 years of qualifying. Comments like yours just help to ferment the ill-feelings. Our education system hasn't changed, but our kids have. You attitude might be something to do with it. Unhappy cynical country = unhappy cynical kids. Working in a coffee shop isn't going to pay for adult space. It will however, like you say, pay a Pole enough to live in a multi-occupancy home.
  3. I used to live in a little village called Iver. I wanted to buy in Iver but the rich middle-class baby boomer locals rejected all new-housing proposals. They put up placards and banners explaining how their life and space and trees and grass and fields and horsies were under threat. How dare people think about building new houses. How dare they think about housing the poorer middle-class in their vicinity Margaret. Not in my back yardie.
  4. You keep talking about a crash, as if it is just going to be boom n bust all over again... However, since Peak Oil & Gas is not a conspiracy, we might just have the bust. A bust followed by a shed load of unemployment because there is insufficient energy to fuel any economic growth. You can't buy a house without oil. Or rather, you will unlikely be able to make the payments if the world economy goes tits up as is being predicted by some credible bods like Campbell and Simmons. The end of the oil and gas era may just see the end of capitalism, at least in its current guise. There'll be none of this act global, think local malarky. It will be think local, act local. Well after the riots and the big human die-off....
  5. I got a 2:1 from Brunel, an MEng from Imperial, and a PGCE from Surrey Uni.. If I looked for a new job tomorrow (outside of teaching), it would probably take me 6 months or more with some lies on my cv... and even then the employer would take issue with the teaching experience since employers hate flexibility. Or rather job adverts and HR muppets don't understand it. Land of Opportunity. No wonder the Poles love it so.
  6. I'm not going to get into it either. By it I mean an internet fight with a moron who believes everything he is told by mainstream media and the government. It's so much easier to believe that muslims did it isn't it? The Register sums up these recent non-events so beautifully: 'al-Qaeda' puts on big shoes, red nose, takes custard pie http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/07/02/te...diocy_outbreak/ PS: 322
  7. Yawn. I think we should ask questions, and listen to those asking questions, and not rely on the government and media to shape our understanding. In addition, we shouldn't dismiss conspiracies, since the official version is in itself a conspiracy. Yawn. Yawn. Yawn. Yawn.
  8. Well nothing apart from the fact that Mi5 did it.
  9. Not true. Just some scholars argue that it might be 616. I know this because I am fascinated by revelations to the extent that I have even visited the cave where St. John is said to have recieved the visions in Patmos, Greece. I'm no christian, but if Iraq splits into 3 (as is currently being discussed) I may pay more attention to revelations... Doesn't a new passport cost £66?
  10. I agree there is some inconsistencies, but you are wrong with regards the mould and damp. Virtually all cases of damp and mould are the result of trapped water moisture i.e. humidity that isn't able to escape the dwelling through vents or windows. In short, modern housing is too well sealed. The humidty that results from our sweat, bath water etc has to have a means of escape. ...and mould prefers the dark.
  11. Hey if you were my brother I'd try and keep you safe from all the people who must surely be forever shouting 'retard' at you.
  12. For the first time since graduation I have savings. And it is amazing how much nicer the banks are to you when you have savings. It's all about those reserve ratios isn't it? They are allowed to lend people some 9 times what you have on deposit. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-9050474362583451279
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