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  1. and inflation does erode the onerous-ness as time goes by.
  2. well if we have a title of "black (whatever)day" every day, i guess eventually you'll be right! i dont think there'll be another rate rise tomorrow, its just too worrying for people! they will start doing what i have done and paying hundreds more into their mortages (i'm on a fixed rate deal) to try and head off the impact later on. that will send the economy into a slow decline and house prioces will follow.
  3. you are officially the whiniest estate agent on this board. People are putting you on ignore in DROVE, little cuntface.

  4. your little birdy is normally wrong so i expect a rise now! mind you you also called a crash in Q1 2007 and we all know how that worked out I don't think there will be a rise tomorrow, its too soon , i would be very surprised, given the shocks to financial markets this month , floods, and so on, i think the MPC will go for caution and mull the situation until next month , when things may become clearer.
  5. i pay 40% of my salary into my mortgage as a requirement. i have a fairly high salary so i overpay by a few hundred quid a month too and still have enough left over for socialising , holidays, savings, etc. paying a high proportion of your income is a bit misleading because higher earners can pay higher proportions and still have plenty over for a "nice life".
  6. very true. It's how you use debt to make money which is important. Debt in itself is not necessarily a problem. This is what many HPCers overlook. Debt is necessary to the workings of the modern world and shouldnt necessarily be seen as curse in all its forms.
  7. I don't think we can expect too much "action" in the markets until mid September. Most of the key decision makers in the City are on holiday at the moment. Could be a black October though.
  8. didn't seem to happen on Friday either......
  9. looks like this didnt quite happen...not on Monday anyway
  10. UK retail sales picked up last month, according to a CBI survey, adding to the mixed signals surrounding the retailing sector. The CBI said that its reported sales balance was plus 18 in July, up from plus 17 in June, ahead of forecasts. Woolworths loss-making store chain produced better than expected sales for the eight weeks to July 28, up 3.7% on a comparable basis...... retail sales seem to be holding up................GC 2 postponed again? black 2008? black 2009?
  11. not only mine - i'll eat yours too! seriously though, no one can deny that house price rises have continued in 2007. yes , warning signs may be there, yet again , but who can say it will be next year, or 2010 - we're further away from the US, and other countries that we've followed into previous property downturns, in timescales , than ever before. not saying its a new paradigm, but i dont think its as cut and dried as some say. for example , its all gone strangely quiet on this forum recently about Australia when it was all " its crashing , its crashing" a few months ago - read the stats there now - after the lull 6-12 months ago prices are holding firm and in some cities have been rising again - you know its hard to judge the future- all i'm saying is we could have another 2 or 3 years of rising prices now - nothing is certain. love pumpkin
  12. it seems people have been waiting many years though, this site was set up 5 years ago - and year on year house price growth is going to be another 8-10% this year. 2008?
  13. its quite a lot of debt but i guess we'll see more of this these days as people who are in well paid jobs also have lots of post uni debts etc. as long as they're well managed, at low rates, there's not necessarily a problem.
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