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  1. Yeah but doesn't that woman remind you of anyone?
  2. Oh I see - it's greedy wanting to be able to afford a decent property rather than rent or take on massive dept for a sh*t hole. ...and I suppose the people who got lucky, bought early and rode the biggest(?) property bubble ever and can't stand the idea of loosing any money aren't greedy at all? Anyway, so when is the lobotomy due?
  3. Ok I give in. What was wrong with the use of the term "inferred"? Oops - and just having seen the date of this thread, who resurrected this one from the dead?????
  4. Hahaha I am assuming you haven't dealt with Indian IT providers..... The most useless buggy over-budget deliveries I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with - or is this your plan?! It's bad enough them shipping this information to a bunker here, but offshore?????? Also whilst I completely hate this idea, doing it in this country is going to make more financial sense as it keeps the money in this economy.
  5. Oh dear believe everything you read on the Internet do you? That hat in your avatar really suits you - is it tin foil lined? Suppose the moon landing was faked as well wasn't it...
  6. That would be living VERY FRUGALLY! Who is going to earn £100K and live like a graduate? Saving £2K a month is more reasonable - unless he's a contractor and being creative with the tax. £400K won't get you much either - not anywhere central unless you really shop around. I live near Vauxhall and I can't believe the prices in that St George Wharf development - more like £500-£600K for a pokey 2 bed. Madness.
  7. You think? Maybe on the outskirts. It certainly would buy a fairly nice 2 bed flat but it wouldn't buy a decent house in most areas. London is sooo overpriced, it's got a long way to fall. I totally disagree with the OP's attitude, however it is certainly prudent to rent rather than throw money away on completely overpriced assets.
  8. You are reading more into this then you should be. This is purely down to the editors in the news room - these are just normal guys - often freelance. It's not like these guys are usually finance experts or anything - they just publish what they think they should publish - it's hardly a big leap that they associate a VAT cut with shopping.
  9. That's just beautiful! Do let us know when the one next door also goes t*ts up.
  10. Well most of the public aren't feeling the pinch yet and probably think it's only happening to someone else. These things take time, it's to be expected. There's also the fact that the more the media go on and on about the financial crisis that people become more used to it and ignore it.
  11. Don't suppose you guys are hiring at the moment then?
  12. No that's the point - it is nothing special. You are far from minted in London on this salary. Think about it - this barely buys a cr*ppy 2 bed flat in some feck hole in Greater London - let alone a house. Also don't try and skew things with statistics. In central London there are WAY more than 2% of people earning at least this. Christ there are probably many independent plumbers, electricians and builders earning these types of amounts. Not knowing many investment bankers the only people I know who have done really well are IT contractors who are earning much more than this - and that's due to creative accounting. These guys who have been doing it for a few years have managed to buy houses and pay off most of their mortgages. Permanent staff on £60-80K salaries have no chance unless they bought MANY years ago.
  13. I couldn't agree more with that statement. It should be a decent amount of money - in reality - at the moment - it's just not.
  14. Some people are posting as if a £75K salary is a huge amount. In some parts of the country it may be - especially in London it's a decent enough salary, but really nothing special. You really think this goes anywhere far with increased tax and living costs - especially property - as they have been? Maybe for some who bought property early on. Sure you could be comfortable - but you most certainly wouldn't be completely loaded. Renting a modest family home could easily chew up 50% of that income. Besides Investment bankers will have been earning WAY more than this. Even fairly dumb IT contractors (run of the mill developers etc) have been milking around £500 a day in the past few years with all the "flexible" accounting benefits.
  15. FP - what a brilliant performance Well done, confident, straight talking and you didn't let her turn it once! Damn I'm working in the Sky News studios at the moment as well.... would have been great to bump into you. What's interesting is the press reporting of this has been a tad more balanced - not perfect by any means, but certainly not as rose-tinted as the government might like.
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