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  1. My Mum & Dad once won a car (fiat punto) at the local Carnival raffle. They did not really want/need it but kept it for a few years just to keep within the 'spirit' of the competition. Sold it after two years. This winner of the BTL surely could do similar. Just got to wait for the dust to settle.
  2. Does the outcome in the clip = bad? Genuine question. What would a good car look like?
  3. Sorry but just to confirm that i now understand. Doh.
  4. I have no idea, I just know that MM = million. Could it be roman numerals? M x M = 1 million? Bored at home with a hangover so went onto wikipedia to check this out. Put MBD as my search an it yielded amongst other things MBD Man bites dog Maxwell Boltzmann Distribution And check this one:- Thousand barells of oil per day More confused now than I was at the start! MBD may refer to: Man bites dog (journalism), a slang term used in journalism Maxwell–Boltzmann distribution, a probability distribution in physics and chemistry Member Board of Directors or Board of Directors Member
  5. Another moron here. I pay 9% of my salary into scheme & company makes the rest up to 40% of salary. My contribution % rises on a sliding scale to maximum of 18% as my age increases. Scheme is closed to new members but the new joiners also get a fairly generous 12% employers contribution while paying in 6% themselves. Also like to think about the 40% tax break. You are saying that I should leave this scheme are you?
  6. Suprised that this discussion has not mentioned his replacement, 'Ed Davey'. Will this mean more of the same in the way of policy i.e. wind etc? He is Liberal Democrat so I guess it will be same as.
  7. My girlfriend is quite new to using property bee and this morning has spent >2 hours looking around North London 250K-400k range. She was constantly saying what the OP was observing. I dismissed it as a problem with property bee but checked here to see if similar goings on were occurring. Loads of SSTC going back to available today, loads! We have to sell up to move so I can't get too excited anyhow.
  8. The problem I have with this story is the target of three people a week. People either deserve to be sanctioned or they don't.
  9. One the funniest comments section I've ever seen.
  10. Horrible house but at least the price is falling,
  11. When do people give in to it though. I don't have mortgage but could easily cut consumption of nice things by 90%. If I had motgage this would no way be eaten up by inflation or interest. I think a lot of people have a lot of slack left to go yet. Hardship is something I'm not seeing yet amongst people I know. Maybe a few less meals out per week but nowt serious. Edited because of the spelling again. I blame keyboard
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