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  1. I have money in Icesave and am leaving it there. Iceland and all the Nordic countries would have to go bust for there to be a chance of losing money. This won't happen.
  2. A ha. That's the flaw in the inflation argument. How do they do that? Traditionally you'd print money. Physical money. However in an environment where asset values are being written down massively worldwide they'd have to print a hell of a lot of money, and I suggest we'd have some sort of civil war first. The real answer is therefore that they can't prop up house prices. A long slow deflationary spiral is where we re heading.
  3. In our current dire predicament I would much rather have Gordon Brown (who whatever anyone says is an intellectual heavyweight on the economy) to a couple of entirely inexperienced PR gurus (Cameron + Osborne). This is the best thing that could have happened for Labour and Gordon Brown. It moves us away from looking for Blair / Cameron spin, to looking at people of real substance.
  4. Inflation. Rampant inflation would erode the level of debt and keep nominal prices up.
  5. IG gave me a notice this morning that they would be CANCELLING all short positions in financials! Well ****** me Jimmy. Without short selling as an escape for those with negative outlooks it is just possible, after the current manic jubiliation is over, that stock holders will simply dump stock they can't derive an income from (i.e. from capital growth or lending for shorts). That would make for an interesting October 2nd. It all depends on what exactly turns out to be the sustance of rescue package #1, #2, #3, #4 #5 (at least) from those geniuses over at the SEC. I, of course, have utter
  6. American Christian Fundamentalism is the new Hitler. Bush + co have already started making landgrabs in violation of international law. If we had marshall law in the USA under a rightwing conservative leader (Mrs Palin for example after a terrorist attack kills McCain) and this crazy talk could easily be reality by 2012.
  7. I'm not saying it was a success, I'm just saying that our pal Vlad would favour it. In some ways it was a success though. The Soviets were powerful beasts. Maybe they'd have ruled the world if only they'd had the balls to nuke us all in the 60's.
  8. It'll given Putin a chance to renationalise everything, which you have to suspect he'd like rather a lot.
  9. BLACK WEDNESDAY IS UPON US! LET IT RAIN BLACK RAIN. The events of 1929-1932 played out as a series of crashes as hope was raised and then dashed again. Expect similar. BTW, I've not posted here for many months but I used to post that we were on the verge of massive deflation. I still think this!
  10. The bulls are now all converted to bears. Whereby they will spend the next nine years telling us all loudly that property is a lousy investment and house prices will never rise again. Cycle then repeats.
  11. So the boss of a copper mining company is going public to say that prices will continue to rise? SELL COPPER!
  12. But it's OK because these are 750 highly qualified Financial Services Professionals, right? They'll find jobs of equal status easily.. McDonalds always seems to have vacancies for instance..
  13. Hum. The OP gives no evidence to back up the claim and provides a list of events all of which have already largely occured. 1. Why now for this startling insight? 2. Are you sure you haven't regressed 12 months? Bang on the head perhaps?
  14. 1960's classic Heuer watches. I bought some of them last year. They are the kind of things our Chinese masters will want to buy in years to come..
  15. Catara speaks sense. Romania and the rest of Eastern Europe is yesterday's news. Today’s news? Well, that would be global depression. Pretty much every property market worldwide (and for certain the ones accessible to those in the UK) will see prices fall.
  16. So, Russia has a big middle class does it?!
  17. Worrying about 'peak energy' is like stone age man worrying about a shortage of stones.
  18. Stocks are up because there is a perception that perhaps we are at the end of the banking crisis. This is meaning the slow reintroduction of the serious money which had been sheltering in cash, commodities, and bonds. Hence bonds, commodities, cash all DOWN Stocks UP If this trend continues then yes we could see a rapid rise in stocks (together with a rapid fall in cash/commodities) Unlike FP though, I see only a short term rally then stagnation and another fall. The stagnation arising from the rest of the world entering recession (joining the US) and decoupling being shown to be the b***
  19. Here are the facts: Commodities are falling because the speculative element are deserting them in favour of stocks and $US bonds. This is happening because it is becoming apparent that the banking system is NOT going to collapse and we are NOT going to see a quick hyperinflation. As I and others have been saying for a while, we have seen a huge speculative bubble in commodities which was due a severe correction. Hello to today.
  20. Agreed on deflation. Bernanke has suceeded in 'saving' the financial system, at the long term expense of the real economy. There is almost no scope left for cutting US rates, yet the US still has umeployment at 4.8%, is growing at 4%. etc. I.E. THE DEPR/REC ESSION HAS NOT EVEN BEGUN! When the real economy turns emphatically downwards there are no more shots for the Fed to fire. Asset prices will continue to deflate, real wages will collapse, and the US will be finished. Note to Ben: It is not 1929! Basing your entire policy on a pet thesis about an historical event is not clever! In the
  21. Re. the article above, I love the way that gold bugs/fanatics/pumpers very rarely sound rational or even sane.
  22. As I have been saying for weeks! Am very short gold and oil. Down, down, down we go. The first phase of this recc/depr ession ended with the Fed bailing out Bear Sterns. It was marked by fears of banking system meltdown, extreme Dollar weakness, and commodities taking a shot at the moon. Phase two is upon us. All the above will be reversed. Exactly as I posted weeks ago.. Now, where's Goldfinger gone?!
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