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  1. Resized to 90width, removed the first frame, and heavily optimised down to 42k:
  2. Cheers. Worrying but cheers. Any info on guarantees?
  3. Just to add that I am aware that I don't technically own any of my shares in Iweb (nominee account?) so that's why I ask about protection.
  4. Well f**k me. Could someone please inform me of who owns Iweb and whether the protection is the same as for UK savings (i.e. 100% of 35K)?
  5. Shares in British banks. The banking system is backstopped to the hilt.
  6. I doubt the Dow will take off on this news (although I realise futures are up now). Will this make any difference to banks lending? In the short term, probably not.
  7. Weimar style hyperinflation. 100% guaranteed.
  8. And re. above, surely the point is that the UK is much more diversified in terms of banks as well as the wider economy. If all UK banks went down (impossible) then we have vast resources in other areas to call on. It seems Iceland was just 3 big banks, a few fishermen, and Bjork. Looking back on it, it already seems insane that we all trusted our money to a tiny country like that. This is going to be disastrous for Iceland, nobody will trust it for a long time. Better get out your fishing nets Gundar...
  9. Thank god for Alistair Darling / Gordon Brown. Heroic rescue there chaps. My cash is safe. God save the Darling.
  10. No, you are correct. I just meant that Iceland is not backing out of compensation to the degree they always promised. Icesave customers will get compensated to the same degree that other UK bank customers would, what they do with their (probably miniscule) domestic customers is by the by.
  11. Absolutely. And a lot of those companies are now probably running at a loss. Firesale? Quick closures? Forget the savers, that will almost certainly be sorted out, it is in the companies that Iceland owns that the full horror of this will be felt.. Anyone got a full list of Iceland owned companies operating in the UK? If I supported West Ham I'd be mightily worried.
  12. Answer: Most of the accounts would be well under £16K. Say an average of £3K (a guess but people are crap at saving these days) and you have £3billion.
  13. Where in that article does it say Iceland are 'washing their hands of UK liabilities'? It doesn't. I says that compensation will be handled on one form by our FSA. So the procedure would, in effect, be exactly as if Icesave were 100% covered by the FSA.. Scaremongering?!
  14. If I lose anything then I'm going on a high street rampage whereby I'll claim goods to the value of what I'm owed: Starting with: Iceland: Frozen food for a year (possibly most useful for the next year), West Ham: Craig Bellamy (I collect garden gnomes).
  15. I agree with that. Disaster will not be allowed to happen. Iceland has always been hugely important to our American chums and NATO.
  16. In the event of disaster the other Nordic countries step in to rescue Iceland. That includes Norway and it's oil money. It looked safe when I put the money in and I still believe it's safe now. Everybody chill!
  17. The account was always denominated in £ so I am quite sure repayment will be in £. Politically I can't see Iceland doing anything else than fairly compensating savers. The only spanner in the works being the involvement of Russia. Though for Iceland to suddenly fall into Russia's arms to the extent that they say ****** you to the West is highly unlikely.
  18. I understand you're emotional but you put your money in a foriegn bank at a time of crisis despite clearly being educated enough to know the risks (you post on here). Blaming Gordon Brown (for what?) is weak indeed.
  19. Well it looks like we're about to see how the Iceland / Nordic backup compensation works in practice. I have about £16K in a ISA with Icesave. To be honest I'm still confident I'll get it all back. If I wasn't I'd have transfered ISAs a long time ago. The presence of Russian money is an unexpected worry though!
  20. People will want life affirming family comedy. It'll be the end of both perv TV and get-rich-quick TV. Joy.
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