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  1. I'd definitely exclude Liverpool from that list. It's coming from such a low base that the improvements seen in the last decade will tide it through. It's also seen far less residential building than Manchester / Leeds. The typical Southern view, as expressed in this thread, is largely wrong these days. Industry? The UK? I don't think so.
  2. The emerging Chinese / Asian economies are the big difference between our situation and any other time in history. Comparing us to the 1930's or the Japanese deflation is not appropriate. Prices have been held down by Chinese (Asian) exports. China will certainly start raising its prices if it's in trouble. That, and a devaluing Sterling, makes me think deflation is not a certainty. I was a pure deflationista until recently and the demise of the Pound. Now I think we'll see prices of most consumer goods rocket very soon. Will this be offset by the bursting of property / commodity bubbles? Hu
  3. When you have your entire family earning a fortune 'working' on the task it becomes easier.
  4. The Tories are going to lose it again for the same reason as always. They are out of touch with the electorate. As someone mentioned above, Cameron is a soft squishy faced public school twerp who has had the fantastic idea of surrounding himself by similarly soft public school twerps. The world was on the brink of economic disaster and what did Cameron do? HE CHANGED THE TORY LOGO INTO A TREE! Nobody is going to give a dam about cycling to work, having a propeller on your roof, or hugging criminals in the years to come. We are facing testing times and testing times require men (or arguab
  5. Nicky Campbell is a plank. I wish he'd impale himself on a particularly steep pyramid.
  6. The mark of a great leader is how he copes in adversity. All hail King Gordon! May he reign for evermore!
  7. It's surprising how consistent the other forecasts are. Surely it's a bit retarded to simply subtract from an out of date 25% forecast? We've yet to see large scale job losses. These will start very soon and will blast apart any hopes of restarting mortgage lending. The widespread despair as a generation experiences mass unemployment for the first time will create panic. 50% from peak will be optimistic in some areas. I'd also add that China is the big unknown in all this. So much of our benign inflationary environment has been down to them. Now that jobs are being lost in China the wider gl
  8. October 25th 1929: ' Word had already reached the floor of the Exchange that the bankers were meeting, and the news ticker had spread the magic word afield. Prices firmed at once and started to rise. Then at one-thirty Richard Whitney appeared on the floor and went to where steel was traded. Whitney was perhaps the best-known figure on the floor. He was one of the group of men of good background and appropriate education who, in that time, were expected to manage the affairs of the Exchange... At the steel post he bid 205 for 10,000 shares. This was the price of the last sale, and the curre
  9. For Obama, a tribute: oooooh I can show you the world Shining shimmering splendid Tell me princess now when did you last let your heart decide? I can open your eyes take you wonder by wonder over sideways and under on a .. magic carpet ride A whole new world A new fantastic point of view No one to tell us no Or where to go Or say we're only dreaming A whole new world A dazzling place I never knew But now from way up here It's crystal clear that now I'm in a whole new world with you Unbelievable sights Indescribable feeling Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling Through an endless
  10. I think it is true that there is no 'collapse'. Yet. People are not being forced to sell en mass. Yet. Job losses is the thing that will tip us into collapse and this is just starting to get rolling.
  11. I'm sorry but I like run down. Pubs used to be a place for people in the community to meet, run by people within the community. If you now need to have a degree in business to keep your pub open then it's a sad state of affairs.
  12. Why should gold move in sync with other commodities? It's 'value' is not to do with any practical use like every other commodity, rather as a store of wealth in uncertain times. It's movement in line with other commodities in recent years is more to do with the falling Dollar. You talk as if the crisis is over. Move along. Are you sure?
  13. There was an item on Radio 5 yesterday trying to pin the blame for pubs closing on the ubiquitous 'credit crunch'. ******** ON TOP OF ********. The smoking ban has stopped many of the loyal customers going anymore. If the Tories want a poolicy that will be popular, helpful to thousands of small businesses, and that makes a mockery of Labour's nanny state, then allowing smoking areas in pubs is the one! Unfortunately it'd take the balls that none of the Tory leadership have. Cameron is a soft piece of shit who is utterly detached from the new reality.
  14. Just bigging myself up. I posted that at about $680. Then was a good time to buy gold.
  15. It's now or never. This is obviously the bottom of the market. Mortgage rates are going down. All that pent up demand in the system is about to be unleashed in a furious deluge. ******, it's obvious. God only knows why didn't I think of it before reading this thread?
  16. It's weird how gold evokes such strong emotions. OK, goldbugs can be highly irritating but the anti-gold rant above is equally mental. Gold is an asset. Historically a store of value but otherwise just another asset. It would seem sensible to have a stake in as many different assets as possible, especially at times like these. Btw, gold is up again. This is your chance to buy. To the moon!
  17. The recent Dollar rally will reverse soon enough (after all, the USA is f**ked as much as we are) and then gold will take off again. Now might be a good time to buy gold.
  18. As soon as the girlfriend is either talked around to the idea, or I tire of trying to talk her round, that is exactly what I'm doing. Minus the working bit. Just a long holiday for me.
  19. Considering the reason people buy gold in the first place (safety in the event of catastrophe), it astounds me that people trust these virtual gold websites. Physical is the only way to go and I think those trying to save a few pounds by doing it virtually will pay for their mistake. It's not like cash savings where you have government guarantees. If your gold, stored safely in Switzerland, managed by a company in Nevis and St Kitts, turns out to not exist then you're ******ed and there will be no sympathy. It is very difficult to get hold of physical these days. The price is being held dow
  20. Inside Track. Greedy people making money from greedy people making money from the masses.
  21. True and going to be a massive issue in the months to come. That and the already ridiculous oversupply of rental property in many areas.
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