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  1. The world will never run out of oil. We'll be long gone before the current supplies are extinguished. Hilarious though it is to hear stories from such a non-biased standpoint as the President of an oil company. Might he want oil back up at $100+ again?! CREATE PANIC! THAT'LL WORK!
  2. Where we are at now is still only the beginning. Perhaps the end of the beginning, but the beginning nonetheless. Interest rates cannot be held this low for long. When they start rising (est June) the shit will really hit the fan. We are going to import inflation by the bucketload from China, compounded by the crippled Pound. When the Chinese economy starts entering recession, what will they do? What will happen to a world dependent on cheap goods if those goods are no longer available?
  3. We will see inflation rising again very soon. Oil has fallen precipitously and can't fall much lower. Crude is likely to rise in price as political tensions increase in the Middle East and Caspian. Central banks are printing money in a state of blind panic. Businesses going bust will reduce competition and allow for greater pricing power by those few that remain. The last 6 months have seen an unprecedented attempt by all and sundry to stay in business by cutting prices using whatever reserves they had left. This will end. The countries from which much of our previous low inflation environ
  4. Hilarious. I did wonder what the seminar people would move into next.
  5. It's incredible how many retarded people there are on this forum. Liverpool will be one of the places least hit by this downturn and will emerge from it vastly stronger relative to the rest of the UK. We will benefit from more UK tourism, our ultra-modern conference/hotel facilities, and coming from a very low base in the first place. First we will lay to rest this quarter century old stereotype that a lot of British people (but interestingly not foreigners) have about us, and then we will use our new reputation/facilities to grow our business base. It's incredible that some people think o
  6. Yes. It will be with some satisfaction that I will gloat over the crime riddled, poverty stricken South. Liverpool went through hell in the post-war deindustrialisation and was roundly mocked throughout. When the tables are turned expect nothing less in return.
  7. Every idiot posting regurgitated shit like this should actually visit Liverpool. You might not have moved on but some of us have.
  8. Har! This is an argument that can only be resolved by time. Whilst I respect the views of those who believe in our new religion, I expect those views to be proved incorrect.
  9. I expect the be on this earth for maybe another 50 years. Global warming will be the very last of our problems over that timescale. In the history of our planet global warming will be inconsequential. It is only because we have just had an unprecedented period of prosperity that we have focussed on this as the requisite thing to worry about.
  10. Climate change is not a myth but the belief that it is influenced to any great degree by us is. I find it unbelievably arrogant of us that, after an ice age and a mini ice age only a few hundred years ago, that we believe that the earth possibly getting sightly warmer is 1. Anything to do with us 2. Something we can influence 3. Something we should influence. Honestly, do we think we have developed over the past 60 years into god-like masters of the Universe?!!!
  11. Global warming is the ultimate manifestation of the arrogance of man. It will cease to be an issue as people's external condition deteriorates, but the concept will be noted in times to come as the pinnacle of our blindness.
  12. It's Christmas. There are some people out there who don't want to be miserable ALL of the time. MERRY CHRISTMAS.
  13. Bernanke's academic career was based around the idea that the US could have avoided the Great Depression if only rates had been lowered faster and earlier. The events of the last year were inevitable with him at the helm. The future for the world is very uncertain at the moment. In every sense.
  14. Pleasantries followed by platitudes. The man is a legend.
  15. This strike is largely about some sorting offices closing which are then getting merged into one large office in Warrington. There won't even be many redundancies. It is a case of Postal Workers not being willing to travel the 10miles to Warrington to work. WAKE UP PUBLIC SERVICE WASTERS. MOST OF THE COUNTRY GET SHUNTED AROUND LIKE BATTERY CHICKENS IF THEY ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO EVEN HAVE A JOB. (Sorry for shouting. I am directly effected by postal strikes in the North West and hate *with a deep vengence the postal unions here).
  16. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/7779070.stm Q. How do you get the sympathy of the public? A. Prevent Christmas presents and cards getting delivered. There are some geniuses working for the CWU.
  17. Yeah I have access to all security cameras across the country. The things I see. Like people have been saying, the discounts were poor. All in all I found the visit worthwhile however owing to the insight into people in crowds. We mostly love to follow.
  18. Huge queues where it all began (or rather closest to where it all began) this morning: Posh people everywhere. I felt embarrased and lowly by comparison.
  19. Most firms will not pass on the cut and instead take it as much needed profit. I own a company who sell one product at a fixed price. I see this as XXp extra profit per unit. It would be impossible for us to change our price down XXp because we need to sell at a round number.
  20. I went into Woolies earlier expecting more of a firesale but was dissapointed. Was that the last chance any of us will get to buy a Pingu doll at half price or pick and mix at 3 for 2? Will it reopen tomorrow?
  21. As we descend into war, property owned by Westerners in the former Soviet East will become worthless. The risk of Soviet tanks rolling back across Eastern Europe is too high. In the short term we have seen the full extent of the Westernisation of Eastern Europe.
  22. We're equally as ******ed as the rest of the world. Presuming you mean 'country's' then we are all in this together. It will probably end in a big war, hopefully fought somewhere a long way from the UK.
  23. I sold most of my shares in June 2007. Went into cash and gold. Not that I'm saying I'm some god like creature with perfect foresight but...
  24. The closing down sales were fantastic. Literally selling everything. Computers, fittings, everything.
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