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  1. the bigger they are the harder they fall. this has been the mother of all booms, across all asset classes, across the entire world.
  2. nobody in their right mind would buy a house now. we are over that tipping point and about to fall headlong down the other side. if the mainstream press is picking up on it like this then the great property ladder boom of 97-07 is well and truly over.
  3. if we ran out of oil we would be fine. the human race is very resourceful. ok, it might be slightly chaotic and would mean a change in the world order, but ultimately it would be an opportunity for the wise and the brave. it would be the end of an era, but then era's do end. the amazing thing is that straight afterwards another era will begin! NOW THEN AGAIN
  4. i predict the ftse will break 7000 in 8years from now. of course, owing to the years of inflation the number 7000 will actually be much less than 7000 today. but it'll be on it's way back up again by then at least!
  5. surely there is an element of supply and demand here? i think everyone would agree that there are now far more rental properties in all of our major cities (buy-to-let sir?). lots of which are empty. surely it follows that this oversupply will push down rents? the difference between now and any time in the past is that the recent boom has been driven by buy-to-let, creating a situation in which there is an oversupply of rental property. hence rents will get pushed down whilst rising interest rates will push mortgage payments up. anecdotally this is certainly what is happening around me in
  6. not this time.. there is a glut of rental property on the market in most cities (outside cities i know less) so rents will move down if anything. this is another of those little 'problems' with where we are at right now.
  7. it's not a case of hoping for a recession, it's a case of knowing that one is inevitable and preparing oneself accordingly. yes it might involve some gloating if it happens but it's not like i'm not trying to tell as many people as possible what's going to happen so they can protect themselves. it's the idiots who believe that booms can go on forever (e.g. the producers of every property tv show since 05) who are the ones that are doing something morally bad. edit: greedy idiots.
  8. Rates will be above 6% by the end of this year and significantly higher by Easter next. The BoE has failed in dampening inflationary expectations and we will now see wage inflation taking hold as people with higher mortgage payments start pushing for higher wages. Next January will be the moment when we all realise the shit has properly hit the fan as lots of pay settlements will happen. The BoE has made the fundamental mistake of making only anticipated rate rises and by this reactionary stance has demonstrated a feeble inability to lead the economy.
  9. we are in for a general global asset crash. the stock market is deluding itself. it's using borrowed money and is on borrowed time. years of cheap money and cheap goods from china have created this ‘miracle’. both of these things are now sliding away. hence i have moved nearly all my wealth into cash. only time will tell whether this was wise but it certainly lets me sleep easier at night. which must be worth something in itself.
  10. Of course we will see another boom.. To say that we will get stuck in a recessionary environment is strikingly similar to all those who say the current boom can go on forever. The nature of our very species is repeated booms and busts. In fact, the nature of every living thing is one of boom and bust. Growth patterns in trees, the evolution of planetary systems. Everything! NOW THEN AGAIN! Is my name!
  11. After 5 years of waiting for the crash to happen. After 5 years of telling everyone not to buy, to wait for the inevitable crash, I will also be gloating. This site should organise street parties when house prices fall by certain amounts! A 20% fall lets have a BBQ in the street with the largest falls in our area! It'd be a riot!
  12. yeah maybe so. i'm basing this on my friends who are, like me, in there mid late 20's.. it's anecdotal. whatever, lets see some big falls!
  13. i'll feel no pity at all when houses start getting repossesed. the whole concept of people 30+ buying up all the housing stock so they can somehow hold the younger generations to ransom as a pension plan was sick. bring on house price falls. bring on affordable housing for young families who really need it.
  14. i am rapidly coming to the conclusion that having a committee which publicly publishes its deliberations is a ridiculous way to manage interest rates. we need leadership, not this muddled lagging behind events.
  15. Pardon me but isn't the BoE's remit to use interest rates to target inflation (the CPI one I think) and nothing else? I think it is! And wasn't this decision made in 1997 on the basis of mimicking the German inflation targeting model which had been very successful? I think it was! On this basis house price inflation, strength of the economy. etc have nothing to do with what the BoE does tomorrow. The amount of speculation that attempts to factor in all these other factors into the decision is mind blowingly wrong. It harks back to our previous system of politicians setting interest rates
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