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  1. Exactly. Part of the problem we currently face is that the whole system we operate is dependant on growth, unfortunately continual, exponential, growth just isn't possible on a finite planet.

    We need to find a stable system and maintain it in equibrium, then we really will have conquered boom and bust. Sadly, I don't think it's possible.

    It is human nature to always grow. It is the way every living thing works. We can't 'reach equilibrium' or stabilise, it is impossible.

    Every living thing grows until it is so big that it eats itself.

  2. Great budget from Darling. Will no doubt provide a boost to Labour.

    The proof is in the numbers that the Brown/Darling plan is working.

    Camerons rant was pathetic.

    If you've got no good answer then just rant loudly. You could tell during the budget itself that Dave and that Osborne twit were worried, it was written all over their chubby little faces.

    I predict that a poll will have shown a Labour lead by the end of the weekend.


  3. FWIW, the index futures are open with the SP500 down about 2%.

    Shares won't be in the black, that's for sure.

    If tomorrow does turn black in the United States then it'll make for an interesting day watching their media. Black Friday is traditionally the day when they glory in the purchasing of the usual junk for Xmas.

    US breakfast TV will be full of 'Black Friday' (go buy more junk proles) spin in the morning, only for the realisation that they have inadvertently prophecised something horrific to dawn on them once markets open. I'll find it funny anyway. :lol:

  4. How, the stock market bubble of the past decade was driven by millions of people putting their spare cash, pensions and such-like into shares... those millions are now in debt and/or broke.

    Where is the cash going to come from?

    Wherever the printing presses are located.

    In all seriousness, I've been selling stocks over the past week. This bs can't last. The fundamental news is generally bad, people are still losing jobs. Once the nights start drawing in then... :lol:

  5. This bunch of Tories are more vacuous, more pompous, and more out of touch with the British electorate than any since the 19th Century. When it comes to the electoral crunch, people vote either for a strongman or someone they can empathise with. These Tories are neither.

    It's ironic the number of Tory supporters on this forum. If the good times rolled on, if we were all quaffing champagne and snorting about our money whilst snorting cocaine off the breasts of a Polish plumber's wife, then the Tories would no doubt romp home. Many more of us would have something in common with Dave and George.

    The harder things get, the more likely we are to see Labour back. And thank God for that.

  6. Indeed, the specifics of each monthly change are unimportant.

    But much like when prices were tumbling on these low transaction levels, the trend is what's important.

    And the trend is up.

    Brown has succeeded, albeit temporarily, in his mission to rescue the housing market at all costs, no matter how expensive that may end up being.

    Banks rescued, taxpayers dumped with "bad banks" while shareholders and directors take the spoils of the "good banks", limitless money printing, zero interest rates.

    Whilst this may only be delaying the problem and making it worse, it's time to acknowledge that this game is massively skewed against anyone who missed Labour's Good Ship Housing Boom.

    Brown is the very worst of the housing bulls, like the BTL scum he spawned, he simply must keep the housing market afloat.

    Brown, and the rest of the world, have used up all their bullets.

    Yes, it's 'worked' for now (if 12% YoY falls is working) but if this rescue doesn't return the wider economy to prosperity then it will be a brief respite.

    The true meat of this mess is yet to come. :lol:

  7. The only issue I can see which is capable of leading to nuclear war is the Israel-Arab conflict, especially if the US loses much of its economic, political and military power. Sure, if what actually happens is a nuclear conflict between Iran and Israel then we are on the fast track to the hell.

    This is the problem. We cannot see the future but presume we can. It is irrelevant what you 'can see' causing a future war because it is almost certain that the cause will be unexpected.

    In 1928 how many people could have forseen a war within 11 years that would encompass the globe and see a series of new and inventive ways of destroying things? Blitzkrieg, jet planes, missiles, nuclear bombs. It'll happen when we least expect it. It always does!

    Best bet is going with the flow. Use the oil now whilst we are in a position to enjoy it!

  8. Oil is a finite resource. It took millions of years to form and it's being used up at a rate that is many orders of magnitude greater than the rate at which new oil is forming.

    Yes, oil companies can manipulate their figures on how much there is left, to control prices, but all the time the oil is being consumed at an ever incresing rate. The media has cottoned on to the fact that when Chinese and Indian people are consuming as much nearly oil per capita as westerners, reserves will be depleted much more rapidly.

    Oil has been used by humans for about 100 years. Humans have been around for ?10000s, ?100000s of years. What makes you think the current human oil use is not a very temporary fad that will be reversed before oil reserves are depleted?

    New technology, global plague, mass war are all very plausible outcomes for our near future that would drastically reduce or even eradicate oil usage.

    I contend that either of the three outcomes above are more likely than our present society continuing ad-infinitum and seriously denting total oil reserves (which are an unknown very large number anyway).

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