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  1. You undermine your point by not using a spell check.
  2. It is human nature to always grow. It is the way every living thing works. We can't 'reach equilibrium' or stabilise, it is impossible. Every living thing grows until it is so big that it eats itself.
  3. It wasn't an problem until the Tories came in and trashed the economy. See above for what the general populus will think come election time in the Autumn. You wait 13 years and then it falls apart so quickly. Shame.
  4. Crazy idea but why not reduce the deficit by raising tax? Rather than slashing spending across the board, so dumping the country into recession? This is the question you will hear much more of in coming weeks. Ed Balls will have a field day. It was the property owning middle classes whose avarice created this mess and it should be them who suffer the pain.
  5. I run a retail business and I wholeheartedly agree. There has been no plan by the Torys bar slashing spending. It's an ideological crusade not an economic policy. Slash and hope.
  6. So we're back in recession? Says a lot for Tory economic competence. There's going to be the need for a huge U turn on cuts and sadistic deficit slashing.
  7. About $1380, so not quite the top but I hope that it turns out to be very close.
  8. For what it's worth I sold all the gold I bought in 2006 two weeks ago. Profit was about 250%. My rationale was less a gold price crash (although that is inevitable) but more rising Sterling.
  9. Great budget from Darling. Will no doubt provide a boost to Labour. The proof is in the numbers that the Brown/Darling plan is working. Camerons rant was pathetic. If you've got no good answer then just rant loudly. You could tell during the budget itself that Dave and that Osborne twit were worried, it was written all over their chubby little faces. I predict that a poll will have shown a Labour lead by the end of the weekend.
  10. If tomorrow does turn black in the United States then it'll make for an interesting day watching their media. Black Friday is traditionally the day when they glory in the purchasing of the usual junk for Xmas. US breakfast TV will be full of 'Black Friday' (go buy more junk proles) spin in the morning, only for the realisation that they have inadvertently prophecised something horrific to dawn on them once markets open. I'll find it funny anyway.
  11. I reckon it's 100% certain to be Black Friday when the US reopens after thanksgiving. What do you all reckon?!
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