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  1. Ashford hasn't got any worse, or any better than anywhere else. I've lived here a few years, and known the town for two decades, and in that time, its changed both better and worse, like everywhere else. In terms of the people who live here, there are five main employers : Saga in Folkestone, The Meat Factory, Pfizer (RIP), The Council, and London. Certainly, if you want a mortgage these days, you're probably paying an extortionate £5k a year to commute to London. Offset that against the house prices, and travelling time, and per minute and mile comapred to what you can get, it's the most affordable place. If I were in Ealing I'd pay at least twice what I'm paying here, and when I bought I paid £135k for a three bed Victorian Railway Cottage with 150ft garden within 10 minutes of the station. If I bought in Hampton Court that would've been at least £400k at the time. Some Estate Agents have downsized : but haven't EA's everywhere downsized? And the shop that is closing this week is a bankrupt chain that is closing many many stores, not just the Ashford branch.
  2. They are very unpopular. Times will change for them. The longer they delay it, the harder it will be for them when it does happen.
  3. I've no sympathy for these parasite sub-footballers wives. Nothing is free in this world. Nobody should get it handed to them on a plate. They deserve what comes to them.
  4. Ashford Terminal hasn't closed. I should know. I can see it from where I'm sitting now. The Wilsons? The bigger they come, the harder they fall. They will fall.
  5. They've stolen the inheritances from 800 families. They're scum who don't return deposits. They interview each tenant. It's ALMOST "No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs"... .... and I'd happily tell them this to their faces, if they ever had the guts to show them. It's not jealousy. I wouldn't want their money if it came at such a moral price.
  6. Greed is their weakness. Yes, Greed. If it sounds too good to be true... it almost always is. They are at best naive, at worst immensely shortsighted.
  7. We're not happy about the move of the Eurostar. It's a scam that they've moved the terminal to "Ebbsfleet". Look Ebbsfleet up. There's nothing there but a train station. NOTHING. Why do people live here? It's an hour to London, and I got a three bed Victorian railway cottage with 150 ft gardden 100 yards from the station for £130k two years ago. That's why.
  8. I suspect they buy 'joblots' of new developments for discounted prices so they own whole streets : there is one housing estate near here served by a Tescos where I would say the majority of the customers in the shop rent from The Wilsons. Anyone with basic economic theory knows that a free market will eventually 'level' itself so that compound doubling of prices for items is an actual impossibility. When an average house costs (say) £300,000 and an average wage is £22,000 and interest doubles the cost of the mortgage to about £600,000 to buy a property, then you can easily Do The Math and see that it is both unsustainable and that an economy cannot function when, say, 100% of everyone's salary goes to the mortgage company.
  9. I don't think you need a survey. I know people who work in the housing market and a lot of renters. Nobody would be heartbroken is some great tragedy were to befall The Wilsons here. I've heard rumour - how true it is, I don't know - of them being sent unpleasant things through their letterbox. On another thread I detail my experiences with them trying to buy my property when the previous owner was thinking to sell.
  10. I live here, so I have the facts on my side. And You are wrong. Most people renting would like to own but cannot, either due to high house prices, or a paucity of available properties. You are incorrect and making assumptions without evidence or experience.
  11. If you want to rent there, you have two choices - The Wilsons or a small amount of Others. The Wilsons interview the people they rent to. No gay couples. No weirds. No one on HB. Just hard working people who desperately want to live somewhere of their own, but in the mean time, have to live somewhere and are priced out. The Wilsons built their empire solely on the hard work of other people. Every house the Wilsons buy is a theft against future generations. Is it jealousy? No. I wouldn't want a massive house portfolio. Money isn't everything. I think it's immoral to accumulate 814 properties - because that means there are 814 families who may never own their own home. The Wilsons tried to buy my house, when I bought it. They sent someone round sniffing, walked around for 15 minutes, then made a derisory offer. We went to visit the owner when he was there, actually sat down and had a chat with him. He accepted our offer, because he knew - amongst other reasons - we weren't looking at his home of 40 years with ££££ signs in our eyes but wanted to make a family home out of it.. The other chap saw the house and saw a way of converting it into two shitty flats to then sell on for a profit.
  12. I don't know anyone living in one of their properties currently, but I know plenty of people who work in the local housing market. No one has a good word to say about them round here, unless it involves the phrase "strung up by their guts at traitors gate" - even then, I suspect we'd all be wondering why they took so bloody long.... and you may dispute that they are "rich", but I don't know any genuinely poor people who own 814 properties. They have significant assets and access to significant money and cash if necessary. Would be a shame to lose it... if they weren't parasites exploiting a basic human need. I have no problem with BTL's with 1 or 2 properties. But 814? That's ugly.
  13. Rest assured, everyone in Ashford who isn't The Wilsons, HATES The Wilsons. They have perverted the market for property here. They have artificially distorted rental prices and house prices to such an extent that people refuse to live here and move elsewhere rather than pay their absurd prices. There have been countless complaints of them illegally witholding deposits, making up ridiculous 'reasons' to withold money. They are so rich I doubt now they have any mortgages but enough cash to buy outright. At some point it will turn. They are scum who steal property from hard working families and people. For every property they buy, it is one less person or family that will have a property, and one more onto their 812,813,814 or so. And take my word from it, they will have their comeuppance. I can't say how or why. But I believe that the only people who do nothing wrong are the people who have done nothing, and they have done a lot. They got Capone for Tax Evasion, after all. The Wilsons will have slipped up somewhere, and it's only a matter of time before it is discovered. To say more would be to potentially change the course of any future events. And believe me when I say nobody wants that particular path of destiny to change.
  14. Don't feed the trolls! The bottom line for me is that whatever you buy or sell a house for, that money has to come from somewhere. Everyone has to live somewhere, and nowhere is free unless you inherit it from someone. House prices are quite simply, madness, and have been for many many years. As far as I am concerned, if someone pays £270,000 for a 2 bed flat - taking interest into account - that's about half a million pounds over the duration of the mortgage. High house prices are creating an involuntary penury amongst the population of this country : every penny spent on a mortgage is a penny stolen from the quality of life we have to live, and a penny we cannot spend on food or entertainment or anything else we want other than someone we "live". I'd be quite happy if houses cost £1,000. My neighbour bought his house in 1963 for less than 1% of the current market value of the property, and there's no way anyone can realistically claim that our slaries have risen 10,000% in the past forty years. The other knock on effect of this is that high property prices force higher salaries, and higher salaries increase the risk of our jobs being oursourced to cheaper countries where houses don't cost Stupid Money. The motivation is dead simple : Property costs too much money, and anything that makes property cost less is not necessarily a bad thing.
  15. Withold rent until repairs are made. It's a breach of contract for a rented property to be not in good repair, which this clearly isn't. Notify him in writing the day the rent payment ISN'T made of your reasons behind witholding the rent. For example : "We are witholding the rent as you refuse to repair this property to an inhabitable standard, and thus will be paying for the property to be repaired out of monies due in rent to ensure you fulfill your legal obligations. " Get legal advice. And CHANGE THE LOCKS.
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