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  1. Teaching union leaders are a prime example - paid themselves rises of +20% whilst their members settled for 0% for 3 years !! The members pay about £10k in membership fees over 40 years for what? To keep these fat cats employed. Look at Arthur Scargill - could not have been more of an asset to Thatcher, ate from the trough and threw his members to the lions. At least our dear maggie t had her principles, beliefs etc and lived and died by them...... Bless her may she RIP.
  2. I mentioned I have £350K in equitsy on a 450K house. So ACTUALLY I WOULD LIKE A CRASH....why ?? because if property falls by 30 % I lose 135K on my present house....however my next house which I plan to buy is currently valued at 550K if it falls by 30% as well that's 165K cheaper. So I will save 30K. A Crash would be good for me as I have alot of equity and it brings the next rung closer. Wanting a crash to happen is not the same as knowing it will happen. You are too emotionally attached. (ps never buy shares!) I am not as emotionally tied up in getting on the property ladder I do not let my views get clouded like all the bears on here. I am still open to arguement. Is that why you mistake me for a Troll? It may suprise you to learn I have had my house valued recently and am considering STRing...however I am weighing up ALL options and opinions. Why don't you open your mind up and take off the blinkers. Paillon
  3. In the 1970’s 80’s families consisted of one bread winner, average house prices were proportional to the average salary of the sole breadwinner. In the late 80’s and nineties and increasingly more so now there are two bread winners per family (in those that have not divorced/separated)*, average house prices will be proportional to the average salary of joint breadwinners. This will continue to push prices up. *Divorce and separation rates have increased dramatically in the last 20 years, there are many more family units fuelling demand. This will continue to push prices up. These two statements are not mutually exclusive. Both have an effect on the property market. They do not contradict themselves. Papillon
  4. Think about it logically......there are alot more family units now due to divorce.....correct? Yes so more demand..... However in the family units that are not consisting of a lone parent, i.e consisting of two parents many are where both are bread winners, both are contributing to the mortgage....so twice the buying power....DOH!? Can you see that the two statements are not mutually exclusive? And both have an effect on the property market. They do not contradict themselves. Please think about the facts before replying in future. Papillon
  5. You may ask Charlie. people should not have to tag themselves as Bear or Bull, opinion change as the economy changes. In the present market Oct 1995 onwards I am a Bull. However unlike the blinkered majority on here I am open to rational debate and open to the bear argument, in 2009 i may too be a Bear...but not at present this market still has legs....alot longer then anyone here realises. I was a Bull on tech stocks until the Nas approached 5000pts, I am not convinced we have hit the housing equivalent of the 5000pt barrier yet..... as i said this market still has legs Papillon ps is it a problem i am neither?
  6. Apologies. Morpeth is only 8 miles north of Newcastle or therabouts. Does this exclude me. The Northumberland thread looks a bit pony. What do you think are the consequences of falling prices on the region as a whole. Prices do not appear to be falling in Morpeth.
  7. Average property price went up 1.1% last month bringing annualised HP inflation to 11.1%. We are in a bull market and I am a bull. I rest my case
  8. I made my first post here tonight and was drided as a Troll. If you look at my posting i think you will see it was a rational post well presented. However it was greeted with a flurry of insults and accusations. It's a shame such a great website is being ruined by a few. Anyway it got me thinking of how emotionally dependent people on here are on there being a HPC, mainly due to them not owning a house. I can understand that. Anyway could you please answer the question below? What is your situation in relation to the property market? (are you renting, own a house, got a large mortgage, a BTL investor etc). I have a sneaky suspicion that the majority of Bears on here do not own a house and are waiting on a HPC so they can get on to the property ladder. It would be a shame if the Bear argument was based on the emotion of not having a house. Anyway enough rambling : House owner or not, bear or Bull?
  9. As a new poster I could not post on the main discussion board or start a new topic!!!!! After posting on the other boards it allowed me to then post it as anew topic!!!! Unbeleivable paranoia. I rest my case, this site only tolerates the Bear mentality. Someone writes they don't believe there will be a HPC - gives some reasonably logical arguements, does not resort to insults, and then are insulted and called a troll. You are living in a dream world created by yourselves where you cannot tolerate any other non bear views.
  10. My point is I bought and sold when circumstances allowed me - not to make a living from it. I am an average Joe who made the equity by chance. 350K is a huge amount of money for me and would take me a lifetime of saving a huge amount of my salary each year to accumulate!! A huge number of people with families are in the same position. I am sorry for the misfortune of others who have not bought. i wa not patting myself on the back just stating a fact. (another example of the sheeple mentality on here) Anyway the main point from the morgan stanley arguement: 1. "A significant fall in real house prices is quite likely at somepoint in the relatively near future, but it could yet be a year or two away." Are you bears really going to be here in two years time? (make it three- these professionals never get it right) Granted there may well be a HPC in 2010-11, but by that time I think you will all have given up on this site and be shells of the people you once were. This site reminds me of the prophets of doom with sandwhich boards saying the end is nigh. By the way whats the point of having a discussion site if you do not allow anyone on here with a contrarian view? Good night sheeple. Ps: i think I will open a topic on how many people here actually own their own house, do you think there is a correlation between lack of ownership and bear/Bull opinions?
  11. Fantastic, a person who is rational. Thankyou i will read and get back to you. Also well done to Charlie the tramp. This site has some excellent stuff on it but is being devalued because Bull arguements cannot be uttered. People have become so blinkered on here. As blinkered as they view the herd they mock. How Ironic Papillon
  12. I listed a number of facts to support my case of why I think there will be no HPC. All I have got back is drivel. What numpty moderator has allowed these replies to a rationally presented arguement. Don't you see you are all a herd with an emotional stake in a HPC? This is why there will be no HPC, not until the last bear turns bull. Through buying and selling property since 1997 i have gone from a 2 bed flat with a 90K mortgage to a 4 bedroom detached house with a 100k mortgage and 350K equity... The majority of people on here believe in a crash only because they want a house so badly....it's sad really. Papillon ps Any logical case for a HPC welcome. And I promise not to resort to the inanae babbling of the previous posters who have replied to me.
  13. Bloody hell...that is good...I may have been wrong about there being no HPC... Papillon
  14. Another great arguement. Yes I am muppet that started off with a 2 bed 90K flat in 1997 and through buying and selling select properties, without even renting them out now lives in a 450K 4 bed detached house with 350K equity. IR's go up to 6.5....7%...8% who cares? There are thousnds of people out there like me who were trading up and using their savvy to buy the right houses while muppets like you were predicting a crash in 2003.04, 05 etc... When the muppets on here start saying there will not be a crash that is when I will believe there will be. Muppet Papillon (yes french for butterfly, move from house to house gorging on equity)
  15. Yes a great video showing the poor state of housing in Hartlepool...and?? Once again another inane believer in a HPC with no reasoned arguement. I suppose if one has been a false prophet for 5 years it's hard to admit it. P
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