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  1. I can just see a bank loving the idea of giving a customer a jail sentance because they transfered millions into their account by mistake. Its not a good advert for the bank! "Yes we are incompetent and give people credits of millions but dont worry if we do we are more than happy to get the police to sort it out for us" "Now who wants to sign up for our new superdeduper account?"
  2. I just dont get this thread! Apply for the job if you are qualified to otherwise accept that you are not and that it is a job worthy of the wage it is given! A head teacher of a school can earn up to 100k so the head of higher learning (cant remeber the job title and cant be bothered to look!) should earn more as they would be responsible for the entire English higher education curriculum! There is no benefit to pay more than the jobs deserve so they must be required! Wish you every success in your application...
  3. What makes you think that getting free services by exploiting and over charging those less financially capable as you is any less of an injustice than you paying for a service you are provided with? Banks charge £25 - £35 to reject a direct debit... a totally automated process which just requires the cost of a stamp to inform the bank account holder... The rest of the money is profit for the banks to enable them to get fatter and to enable those like yourself to have free banking. Perhaps you could get Tescos to charge those that have their debit cards rejected at the checkouts a £10 administration charge to pay for your milk and bread.. Why the hell should you have to pay for it eh...
  4. innit missin -2% on t garph tis seems t b 2% et da top. Isa expert on da graphz range's mus meanz hous priz's canna goes lower than 0... see isa extrapolated a good un..
  5. Erm... he is looking for opinions to help him to make up his own... You managed to give him yours so why cant others...( I agree with your opinion btw )
  6. What right have you guys got to call Troll when all the OP has done is logically detailed what his sitution is and looking at what he should do! He isnt arguing or trying to push buttons! Unlike those that call Troll for no apparent reason!
  7. Cgano said it was going to be really really bad... 100% guaranteed
  8. Im with you. Peak Oil is here and hiding behind the current crisis like a sleeping beast waiting to be noticed. The current credit issues and market instability is not caused by it but it is doing a good job of hiding it! We simply do not have enough to keep the current global growth already in place. "Intellectually Challenged Cretin".. I gotta remember that for my conversations with work colleagues..
  9. I think if cgano was about he would reply to this post with the following "100% Guaranteed"
  10. Cgano called it all first. I think he is prob already in his bunker testing the water treatment system before he locks himself in.. 100% Guaranteed
  11. How ironic... the more money they chuck in the less "value" the economy has. But it keeps em floating for a couple more months..... BANG! and the money's gone
  12. I think the Viz had better watch out! The express is showing a fantastic talent for toilet humour...
  13. Errrr what should happen! It will tank and the company will go where it should.. the gutter.. You are not getting anything more than 90p and that would be very lucky! I think 30p is more likely.
  14. Wow.. Charlie has heard about an estate agent that says that they can sell someones house for them! Its truely a miracle!
  15. Well from what I have seen everytime mr 100% posts a warning something pretty significant happens! I also see that he isnt a troll full of BS because he would find this thread to irresistable to ignore! I am keeping an eye on things over the next few days and expect something to happen. Each time he says something is up he gets attacked... each time he is right.... im not going to live my life any differently but I am not going to be surprised when something else big happens!
  16. No credit... no spending... Leads to one thing in my view Deflation and depression.
  17. Its another figure that can be added to the amount of money that has been chucked towards this dead duck!
  18. Why doesnt the Government buy up majority shares in the company and then take control! That wont cost any where near £6 a share!
  19. If they get anymore than the 80p its currently valued at in the open market I will refuse to pay my council tax on the grounds that the Government can pay it for me as they like giving hand outs.. :angry:
  20. You forgot the ones too busy selling drugs to get down to the job centre!
  21. The majority of the UK population are debtors so it makes sense that these news stories play to the masses. No one likes to be told the party is over and they love to have someone to blame for it! Those pesky MPC they stopped me from downing another grand on my credit card!
  22. The first primeminister to talk like a trout
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