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  1. Because what is the probability that in a 30 year timeframe the rules won't be 'tinkered with'? Very close to zero, I'd say.
  2. I feel it would be churlish to point out the insurance companies' previous record on pensions and endowments with regards to any of their financial 'advice'
  3. > 9 ct gold You shouldn't be allowed to call something with only 37% gold content, gold.
  4. Quick question, because google wasn't much use: I'm assuming that GDP growth takes into account inflation, so when the reported growth is 3.7%, it's worked out as something like "well nominal growth in economy was 5.3% but inflation was 1.6%, so real growth is 3.7%". If that's the case, then isn't the government's fiddle of inflation flattering the real growth, i.e. we all know that actual inflation is running at 3-4% (maybe more) which would mean real, real GDP growth is ~1-2%, implying a much weaker economy. However, the BoE have to react to the real figures, thus having to increase IR. An
  5. what will they add / remove from the basket of goods next to make it go back down?
  6. I would maybe drop in a comment about fair value. Say something along the lines of "This house would rent for £400 a month, That's £5k a year, which at 7% implies a value of about 70k." Then watch the reaction :-)
  7. I had a run-in with Paragon when I used them about 6 years ago for a BTL. Got to speak to the managing director. T**t. Would not trust them. Anyway, I remember even then 130% of rental income was a bit tight. Not quite sure how they get the figures to work these days...
  8. I thought it meant the whole portfolio for £92k, which would have been more reasonable :-)
  9. Actually, the real fun will begin when the appetite for MBS (mortgage backed securitisation) dries up / and or S&P/Moody start to re-rate these things. So long as your local BS can just pass the risk buck on, then there's little pressure for them to enforce sensible lending. Anyone have a better knowledge of MBS and its future? I tried googling, but no real luck.
  10. Also, you don't have to buy it in the UK. In most big banks in switzerland you can just buy 1kg bars over the counter. Don't know about bringing them back into the UK though.
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