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  1. I think it will stay steady at the moment.
  2. Hey Ive just moved to Greece with my parents, just wondering if anyones oppinion as when would be a good time for me to change my small amount of British pounds to Euros? I was thinking of maybe doing it now.
  3. If there is a reunification it will mean that Turkey will have to recognise the human rights of the Greek Cypriots, meaning all previous property will be given back.
  4. Yep Saint George was a Greek Roman born In Anatolia. As bout as English as a crossiant.
  5. I wouldn't buy in the North of Cyprus. Mainly because it is an illegal state not recognised by the international community apart from Turkey and Azerbaijan. The majority of the land in the North belongs to exiled Greek Cypriot refugees in the south. Even though there was an exchanged of ethnic groups during the invasion by Turkey the Greek Cypriot government still recognises and protects the property of the Turkish Cypriots in the south, this is not the case for the Greek Cypriots that were once in the North.
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