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  1. There's a whole community of us out here thinking along exactly the same lines! The best way to screw them is to stop buying their useless consumer crap, grow as much of your own food as possible and swap seeds, cycle everywhere, put your savings in the name of a trusted non-income-earning family member, explore becoming a non-Dom (they may not bring in the new tax), defer any necessary purchases until shortly before you travel abroad and claim back the VAT, join Freecycle and a Compactor group, swap stuff with friends.
  2. Our ex-BTL landlord may be fairly representative - 33 days since an end-of-tenancy inspection was conducted (which showed we took good care of the property). Still waiting for our £1000 deposit back. Landlord claiming poverty. Looks like we'll have to make a claim for it through the tenancy deposit scheme. :angry:
  3. At least the sun will still be shining! Not like the dreary UK.
  4. Over the last couple of years several members of our NI family have MEWed to set-up a property club, buying up properties all over the place. Brother in law invested less than 12 months ago, despite our warnings of dire times ahead. We just heard on Sunday that the club is suffering financial difficulties. Not sure of the exact details but it looks like their business model has predictably collapsed and they're losing serious money. These people were laughing at us just three months ago when we talking about the coming HPC!
  5. That is brilliant. I've just pasted into an email and sent it to our N.Irish family with the subject heading 'why we'll never move back to Northern Ireland'.
  6. Same around here, there's no such thing as a 'flat' anymore. I want to scream every time I read the description 'luxury apartment'. Since when did cheap design, laminex floors, pokey rooms and plastic windows define 'luxury'?
  7. I have the same argument with my father-in-law every time I'm in NI. His argument is prices only go up, they'll never crash, you must buy a house, when we were your age we were paying 15% interest, blah, blah, blah. He never has a come-back for my argument that the max their generation could ever borrow was 3.75 times their income, and they could buy a 3 bedroom house with that. We'd have to borrow 8 times our income to buy a one bed flat! I think their generation is pissed off that our generation has woken up to the fact that buying a home is buying into their pyramid scheme. The pressure to buy is unbelievable. We're telling them to stick their over-priced houses.
  8. Another example, our local pool was charging 1.80 per swim six months ago. Now it's 2.30!
  9. Brilliant programme. They took the words out of my mouth. I was tempted to call all my bull relatives and tell them to turn in! Feel sorry for the EA?? No way!
  10. You must be joking! San Fran house prices are going down and wages there are much better compared to NI. None of the prodigal sons and daughters I know are even thinking of returning to NI to suffer the highest house price to wage ratios in the world.
  11. Ha, ha, ha: 'Investors sold up and shipped out to less inflated real estate markets and all of a sudden, almost over night everything has ground right down in terms of market movement in Northern Ireland.'
  12. My landlord put up the rent for this year for the same reason but after negotiation it was increased by less than 1%. As a good tenant who has no ties to the area I can play hard-ball. I know he would be fearful of pushing me out, maybe having a long void then replacing me with someone who is unreliable with rent payments and could potentially trash the place. Goodbye big BTL yields!!!
  13. Exactly! I look at my parents, they both had average jobs, earned average salaries yet could afford to have three children, buy a four bedroom house, run two cars, send their children to private schools and go on annual holidays. My partner and I are professionals with above average salaries in London and we can't even afford a two bedroom flat in a half decent area!
  14. Walking past a local EA in South West London last night I noticed two flats that have been advertised for the last month are now reduced. Both were 175K, now 169K. They're not new build but recently renovated one bedroom flats in a Victorian building. Price reductions have hit London!
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