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  1. I have a great partner and we do enjoy life together - the simple and at times extravagant things. I have great respect for myself and my partner and would not tolerate less from anyone; whether at work or in a shop. When i was single i still had the same values for myself and have never been depserate to meet a partner. Even my friends have to have a good moral code otherwise i would have nothing to do with them. You sound emotionally retarded. feefifofum
  2. I was thinking exactly the same. Lived round the corner from there in the 80's. What a s***hole it was then. feefifofum
  3. 'Home sellers will find it cheaper to pay a �200 fine than have to pay up to �600 for a hip.' http://www.homeinspectionhome.co.uk/forum/...r_than_hip.html Therefore, maybe it won't make that much difference? feefifofum
  4. I definitely think the HPC will follow. There's got to be loads of BTL investors who borrowed the yen to invest in housing here and they'll be panicking and going bust, which, will may just get the already started HPC going a bit faster. feefifofum
  5. Nice bit of news about the EAs. This just finishes my day off on a good note. In the mood for a celebratory drink feefifofum
  6. Lasertrip said: '...There is very little applied stuff, very little case study and very little learning of how the modern world finance system works...' Do you think maybe one of these unrealistic models that you learned about at uni was one used for giving ratings to the sub prime CDO market feefifofum
  7. I think leave the land owned as it is. I'm glad so many people are so lazy, I love being able to get away from built up areas and into the countryside. It's great going out for a whole day walking and not seeing hardly a soul If the already built up areas get more and more crowded perhaps people will stop coming into this country or leave. feefifofum
  8. Maybe when France (and i think Italy) is forced to open its borders in the next year or so to immigrants, we might see less coming here from Eastern Europe. With any luck there will be a recession and they'll be out of work and will go home or elsewhere; just in the same way our 'brickies' went to Germany during 80's. feefifofum
  9. A bit more 'foot and mouth' might help property prices slump too feeifofum
  10. Could you put some more play money on please - we need stock markets down, down, down. Could you also buy a house with play money. Thanks in advance feefifofum
  11. Okay thanks guys for explaining, and yes they do seem a bit obsessed with this site feefifofum
  12. It doesn't really matter what we're hoping for none of us have any control (obviously) but i can't help getting excited with all this bear news. I just want house prices down and i don't care how they get there feefifofum
  13. I agree with bomberbrown. People are willing to work hard are getting nowhere now. A lot of what we reap today was sown by Thatcher and her Buy Your Council Flat policy. I could never get a council flat because i was single and no kids - others did (single mums) and they went on the dole. Then they could buy their houses at a discount while i had been working my ass off trying to get on the private property market. Public money had paid for those houses and this money was being given to the least deserving members of society for doing nowt' and its worse today. It is such a shame to hear of people like bomberbrown who have had a good work ethic, who earns an above average salary, obviously has made an effort to learn a good skill and they find themselves thinking of giving up. That's the result of governments that helps those that can't be bothered to do a thing. On the other side of the coin, the more priveleged middle class amongst us are beginning to get a taste of what the hard working classes have been struggling with for years - making ends meet on a low wage. So perhaps this turmoil will make us more appreciative of each other. My background was very working class. A job later in life on the money markets in city bank. A current neighbour of mine, two very arrogant middle class twats (own two houses) and 10 miles up the road Neds. I can't stand either sort. I'm also looking forward to the rest of this sub prime stuff undwinding regardless of the outcome as lessons hopefully will be learned. feefifofum
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