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  1. This isnt an unimaginable scenario (though not for the reasons he thinks) If we face a climate of heavy* inflation, people will want to get rid of their cash as soon as they can. There is no motivation to save at these interest rate levels and the currency is tanking. Cash will flow into tangible goods, this will include property and no doubt people like the above and estate agents will be saying "i told you so" whilst sipping on a £5 can of coke *I didnt use the other H word cuz i dont think we are going to do a Zimbabwe.....mmmm
  2. Just watched it. On Nolan: I think he was balanced. He is naturally antagonistic, but equally to all parties. However, he should disclose his property portfolio and shouldnt get away with mollycoddling the Belfast telegraph on FP: Nothing we dont already. In regards to timing the housing market, this debacle has shown that it is better to get out too early than too late. On Micheal Young: What do you expect from an Estate agent? They will continue to chase the market to the bottom, they have been calling the bottom for the past 9 months at least. On Kuo: He's a very clever guy and the only one who said anything of significance and that is that a house should be a home not an ATM. On John from Dromore: I was expecting a rant about fuel prices too, and how expensive it was to run his X5 on the audience: we need to take a serious look at our educational system cuz there is a big problem with some of our sums
  3. call or put options. you could open an account with sucden or Exxon Mobil Corporation Chevron Corporation Shell BP We are nearer the bottom than the top for these companies and the divi's alone are mouthwatering
  4. you do know that is a myth. I think from memory there were 4 suicides linked to the crash and 2 were on wall street..... However.....this is not the point, which i do agree with edit: just to clarify. I cannot actually remember the 1929 crash
  5. I have posted this before. But we have the resources at our disposal. Try to imagine what would happen if power companies decided to take a days holiday from production every once in a while to conserve.
  6. I see Ivor Fitzpatrick is going for Harcourts jugular. The developer may not make it to 2010
  7. Na i'm not doubting how well the borse is run, i'm doubting whether they would be able to fulfill their obligations if someone wishs to take delivery of their contract. Lets take silver as an example I see two problems 1) The problem of supply. Investment grade (large bars) has done ok so far but the shortfall in silver is well documented and easily sought through google. 2) The difference between the spot price and what plebs are willing to pay is mind-boggling. Unless they sort it out i see no future for them, the borse will be shifted to dubai or somewhere that will play by the rules I was going to suggest russia until i caught myself on I guess "he who makes the rules owns the game!"
  8. Your humble opinion would be correct under normal circumstances. Opec look likely to cut again, they want to keep the price circa $100. The saudis have priced 2009 at $90 In the US , Stocks of distillate fuels, that is diesel, heating oil are dropping and stocks of gasoline are rising. You need a lot of stonage to leverage yourself in these markets, good luck. I may look at crud etf I was watching ngas etf until AIG nearly went T.U. Nothing would surprise me anymore, i'm seriously looking at the implications of the comex and nymex defaulting on their contracts....any ideas?
  9. When inflation kicks in it may be under the guise of a currency crisis. When the currency is collapsing history has shown us there is a rush to resources and tangibles; PM's, energy and property
  10. There seems to be a de-coupling accross the board from actual prices and prices dictated by the futures market. Oil price is dropping yet it is not being reflected at the pumps and there is gasoline shortages is the US steel price dropping yet price decreases are happening only to motivate stock movement The most ridiculous is gold, the over-zealous spread you pay for physical metal not to mention lead time. And silver is worse! I have maintained all along that speculation has very little to do with the prices as "speculators" were more short than long (especially the oil price) but i admit i cant fully understand what is happening. I can only comment on what i see I see oil consumption rising in developing countries and decreasing in the US I see huge de-leveraging of futures position and a flight to the dollar while the central banks issue massive bail- outs All opposite acting forces and the deflationary forces seem to be winning at the moment, i think it will be shortlived though and my guess is after the US elections there will be a turn. If oil goes sub $50 i'll be looking into how to take delivery of a contract or i'll go halfers with you MD
  11. sure. But you miss the point, if everything you needed to survive and live a fulfilled life was freely available, you would not need money. And i own the commodity you refer to too. The value people place on gold is in itself a social convention, it has no use as a natural resource other than being mallable and a superb electrical conductor. Under marxist theory labour is the ultimate commodity, under this perception it is a natural resource. To embrace Frescos idea would take a huge paradigm shift and most likely a time period of a few hundred years. There are lots of questions that remain unanswered in his theory, and i'm going to e-mail him because i am genuinely intrigued. My first one will be "is that your real name or are you taking the p1ss"
  12. You have seen the first one Part 2 explains everything and what to do Be warned....you may need hugs
  13. That depends where you have been putting your money in the meantime. My target is that the average house will be purchased with 100oz of gold
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