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  1. Britannia coins weigh 34g - 1 troy oz of gold plus the alloy metal - which i believe is silver for most of the britannias http://www.taxfreegold.co.uk/britanniasinfo.html
  2. Unless you have been saving up while the bubble expanded. If you didn’t get a mortgage 4+ X your salary, get a car loan, max out some credit cards because you thought it was a stupid thing to do, all you can do is watch the car crash happen and be grateful you not in the front seat without a seat belt.
  3. Yes, but... "whilst wages rise in line with inflation" - that should be "IF wages rise in line with inflation" and that is IF as in a big if. Sorry no link but I saw a report a few months ago saying UK wages haven't kept up with RPI over the last few years, i doubt if they will if price inflation really takes off.
  4. Yes but they might claim that the flat has never been connected, even if it has "can not find it on our address database". Or indeed charge you anyway if it hasn't been connected for over a year. When it happen to me 1 flat ago, I just got a decent mobile contract and a phone that can act as a broadband modem. These days you can do it separately with a 3G broadband dongle thingy.
  5. If anyone in the know can answer: What should one do if you come across someone having a heart attack, after calling 999? Someone told me that the best thing to do is chest compressions only, ie don't bother with the blowing into the mouth. Is this correct?
  6. I get the same feeling looking at other graphs too. I posted this a few days ago (or maybe I didn't I get confused), but here it is again Not very scientific overlay of the reuters UK house price chart (that i found elsewhere) and that bubble chart. and similar - UK prices over US prices EDIT: stuff in brackets - I forget what I post where;)
  7. Your maths don't add up. You pay more off the capital each year the longer you go on. See graph of outstanding amount on a mortgage example (worked out using years so values are approx to what someone would pay) You will "only" pay in the region of 219k on a 102k mortgage over 25 years if rate is a constant 7% (excluding fees as someone has already pointed out). EDIT: deleted a graph that was incorrect EDIT2: typo
  8. long term average house price = 100oz - Not average, an estimate of the bottom. assuming g#ld stays flat - I don't think anyone was assuming that
  9. .Also how many years has it been since the Halifax was a building society?
  10. or the bit about bailing out the banks is good for bankers. see thread "Mervyn King Attacked For 'failing' To Support Banks" http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=71590
  11. Are MPs' pensions linked to: a: - Core Inflation (1.2%) b: - CPI (2.5%) c: - RPI (4.1%) Yes you are correct the is answer: C.
  12. But that is a good for me. My pounds now buy more stuff. It seems fair that is included in any inflation measure.
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