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  1. They're all at it, Natwest, Lloyds and more recently HSBC announcing huge job cuts. Now they are having to do things legally there aren't many jobs going...
  2. Don't allow them in your flat unless you're there
  3. Similar experiences here too, very few new properties coming on the market but a whole load of unsold stock. People staying put. I've been viewing as well and putting in 25% off peak offers and been turned down. The last one said that our offer wouldn't even cover the outstanding mortgage I hope 'the dam will break' so I can buy soon but even if it does I still think we have at least another couple of years of falls.
  4. Grim situation and its a disgrace that a modern society lets it people be turfed out of their home for no reason with just a couple of months notice. You can't sack someone for no reason so why can you make a family homeless? I think the worst thing you can do here is panic buy. It will be so tempting to throw in the towel and pay whatever inflated prices are being asked for. That said, it might be the right time for you and if this is the case sign off from here, buy and then enjoy life. You've plenty of time anyway as no one will buy it
  5. He's an idiot and no authority on business. Yes he made a fortune on easyjet but since then he's had a string of failed businesses with hotels, cinemas, cruises etc.
  6. Yes there's some truth in that. Whilst the EA's I've spoken to will acknowledge to a small degree that the market is a buyers one, they still act like we're in the middle of a massive boom. If I was an EA in this climate I would be banging the phones trying to get viewings and offers in. The experience I've had over the last couple of months is one of arrogance that they have something buyers want and have no need to sell it or chase buyers. I've had lots of unreturned emails and calls and a general half hearted response. Mind you I do try and 'educate' them about the market tanking every time I speak to them I think it will take another 12 months at least for them to change their ways and some might not at all. Its a tragedy that Tesco EA didn't get off the ground, that would have orted the wheat from the chaff.
  7. Not yet, only just sent it. probably won't get a reply anyway. The figures are staggering, those drops are only over 6 months! Over 20% drops in 6 months!!
  8. I must be feeling mischeivous today, the article mentions my local town so I felt obliged to email it to all the local agents
  9. Yes that is my experience as well but I just think the local market here lags behind the nationwide market but the plus side is it will be easier to call the bottom as everywhere else will have troughed.
  10. "A spate of Bernard Madoff style scams threatens to bring misery to thousands of UK investors" according to the Independant.
  11. Made two offers in recent weeks, one 23.5% and one around 28%. Both were rejected out right and were 'holding out' for 10% under asking or more. I'm based in Cumbria though where the market is much slower and these price falls will take longer to feed in. I also think that in the North their thinking is a little less 'sophisiticated' for want of a better word than in the South so will take longer for falls to feed through. (I'm a Northerner i can say that!). I'm in no rush, kind of glad they got refused.
  12. Good for you. You've probably done the right thing and have been close to it myself. Now go away, remove this site from your bookmarks and enjoy life. Good luck (sincerely, not taking the piss).
  13. Most businesses need debt, it doesn't always mean they have been reckless or are underperforming. In the abovementioned coach company, imagine landing a contract which necessitates another 30 staff and another 6 coaches. All that needs to be paid up front until the suppliers pay.
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