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  1. Just let people do what they want to do that doesn't harm others. Some random thoughts off the top of my head to play with. Reduce government to a caretaker role with no power and unpaid but free food, shelter and services, allow free travel anywhere in the world without passports but have medical cards during international emergencies to prevent epidemics, ban banking and replace it with local credit unions, currency based on a basket of essential items but anything can be bartered as payments, set up councils of annually elected community members(unpaid, no leader, no party and they have to live in the area to serve), set up guilds to replace universities, set up time barter systems similar to LETS, free housing for everybody but all land public(leased) with property private but not transferable, common law system with nominated judge and random peers(not lords) local sentencing rules, federal police system with police elected to serve by each community, referenda on all national and international issues that caretaker governments act upon, public infrastructure built and maintained for free with compensation made via free food, shelter and services, a global constitution based on a global referenda of basic and simple rights and standards of living enforceable only when a given group asks for help or when any peoples referenda is denied by any nation/community, ban federal/national law systems, ban national taxes, ban all weapons with range outside a nation, ban usury outside credit unions with rates helping to fund community startup business's, banded housing such as free basic housing, private built housing and municipal housing, unregulated free market/private enterprise (with acceptance to trade decided via referenda or by common law decisions of a given community ) fullstop
  2. Yes, good videos from chris. Haven't watched them for a while and didn't see all of them last time so I may as well watch them again, cheers.
  3. Very high/hyper inflation followed by a deflationary death spiral. Houses will continue to go down in real terms up nominally, essentials will continue going up (or quality down), wages will remain low in real terms, debts will be monetised, IR will remain low and currencies will probably default after possible carry trading collapse. Mini Weimar to massive Japan...??? *Disclaimer: Possibly, i don't know!
  4. No problem with the EU just the government, I am a Brit, European, Earthling, Milky Wayian...
  5. You don't have to reply to everything in the post, just pick a bit and start. I don't prescribe to know anything but I know when other people try to tell me that they do know. Without understanding the core reasoning of somebodies beliefs you can never know the truth because it will be shrouded in deception. Politics is deception so people that believe in it are being deceptive, sometimes not always for bad reasons but it is bad reasoning. Not until people can open their minds to inconvenient truths will they get resolved. This is the reason why the BNP have to be listened to or they will force it by other means like most unheard people, like the Germans in 1930s. Philosophy on the other hand is perfect reasoning, a science of the mind and the complete opposite of politics. Everybody just wants to get on with life not have to keep fighting or living a lie to cover societies ills, everybody knows what we all really need and those are the things I pointed out. Ask people what they really want and it will be mostly those things, so why do we always have to fight for them? Of course we never actually fight for them, we fight about how they are provided, by war, kings, dictators, gods, politics, religion, etc.... playing on our fears and deceptions which then creates governance through badly reasoned ideas. Its called popularism and has been used for centuries against the masses by the few because the few are the ones that get the kick out power, their own self deception usually being worthlessness. Every dictator deceives himself and every dictator comes to power living off the peoples deceptions, usually consisting of "I want" or "they can't have". Look at things now, nobody trusts anybody anymore, why? because they've lost faith, the deception has been exposed. Lies within ourselves are the greatest enemy and we got what we deserved, collectively speaking (hence the problem with state power thing) Its effed us all, even the many innocent. Having said all that it is very entertaining to live in, as they say interesting times. EDIT: typos
  6. Thats for you to decide but I guess you're not interested in any further discussion from your apparent defensiveness. I suppose you disagree with most of my statement, I don't know but I'd be surprised if you disagreed with all of it. But nevermind, have fun, if you're capable.
  7. True capitalism never really existed, well maybe a couple of decades in the US but thats it.
  8. I get 1 delivery before 11am but I sometimes get a 2nd delivery for parcels usually before 2pm.
  9. Thats because you are frightened of fascists not because fascists cannot argue, the same happened in gulags as happened in walled communities years ago. I would rather have a debate with anyone that is not violent regardless of their beliefs. Politics is the antitheses of philosophy and everything is fundamentally unique regardless of similarities or differences, there are good people and bad people, good ideas and bad, the best thing is to not give anyone the power to use either against someone else that doesn't want it regardless of any majority or law, the individual is sacred. Food, water, shelter, family, health and purpose, thats all we need but we all argue about the best ways to provide it instead of just providing it. We will be doing the same things for the next thousand years when both capitalism and socialism are dead and replaced with other ideologies.
  10. Please explain fascism as you understand it. Much gets lost in translation when debating the virtues of any given system due to, as you've correctly pointed out, the many variations. Its also helpful to not insult those that you wish to understand your reasoning so that debate can then be expanded without losing integrity and turning into a bitchfight, unless that is the main objective.
  11. http://www.reuters.com/article/marketsNews/idUSSP37590020091103
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