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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong I could if I wanted: 1. Start up a limited company (Mikes dodgy new builds Ltd) 2. Borrow Money 3. Buy Land 4. Build Houses 5. Try selling them and when they don’t sell 6. Start up another limited company (Mikes dodgy BTL Ltd) 7. Buy the properties of my other company (wouldn’t show up on the land registry) 8. Rent said properties out 9. If market crashes fold Mikes dodgy BTL Ltd 10. Sit on a beach in Barbados until market settles with money from Mikes dodgy new builds. One word Fraud!!
  2. My God!! Thatt could be millions of properties hidden! Not only would that mean the GOV figures are distorted but all the empty newbuild flats near me will flood the market to a level never seen before? Shortage of homes my ****! Am I correct? (jigging excitedly in chair)!
  3. Call me a conspiracy theorist but something’s not right. If I’m not the only one seeing these anomalies in the data surely there is some way of covering tracks. I know of someone who is involved in some shady dealings and would undoubtedly benefit from covering any tracks! But could this be happening on mass? Could this be another crack papering exercise to the benefit of developers? Damage limitation? One of the regulars on here must know what’s going on?
  4. Like a moth to a flame burned by desire! Janet Jackson –that’s the way love goes!
  5. Interesting I’ve checked other sites and nothing there either!! Do the Gov use these figures in anyway other than to record house price sales?
  6. Have I uncovered a flaw in the system? Was this known all along? I’m slightly confused; recently a lot of new build properties have gone up in the area where I live, mostly by wanabe developers, these properties are big converted houses or houses that have been knocked down to build multiple smaller flats. When these developments took place the house sale was registered however the conversion / new build sales weren’t. Later (5 to 6 months) after the flats were sold (supposedly) they went up for rent; I think this may be by the developer as they wouldn’t sell. When I looked this up on Our Property .co.uk the sale of the houses were knocked down and or converted had vanished (they were there) and the new property supposedly now sold weren’t recorded!! What’s going on?
  7. Direct her here, along with the rest of them. www.debtquestions.co.uk/forum/index.php CAB is also a good place. The largest pyramid scheme in British history is coming to an end, unfortunately this is a typical person at the bottom being bullied by friends and into buying. Who need EA when Muppets who you work with do EA’s job for free! God help them!
  8. I'll come but will need airlifting out! Being in prison and all!
  9. I don’t care how people feel about what’s going on let look at the facts! The number of doom and gloom programs on the TV are increasing, Every time I go food shopping the person in front of me is paying by credit card with a worried look on their face Jobs are being axed left right and centre around me There aren’t so many lights on in the EA windows. Please feel free to add!
  10. My god 5000!! doing what? Does the 5000 include government employee’s, and riot police holding back the crowds?
  11. How Many staff do NR have? I know they have 70 branches, now if they employ 10 people per branch (is that about right) that's all the branches closed! Give 300 for support staff that only makes 1000! Help me out here!
  12. Ikea is a great place to buy cheep furniture to sell a lifestyle The furniture can then be used to reduce you heating bills!
  13. I don’t post much on here but have been following the site for a long time now. (2 years) During the Plague many people turned to religion for the answer; now I don’t think praying is going to halt he impending doom of the 40% + crash, but I do think people will start looking for help / answers! When I saw the signs I typed in the words house price and crash into Google and came across this site. So I was wondering what the subscription figures to HPC are like at the moment and could this be a way of measuring the public’s uncertainty in the market.
  14. In my area prices are plummeting!!! Mind you we were under 6 ft of sewage water 4 months ago and were voted 2nd from bottom in the UK best and worst places to live thingy!! Has Phil Spencer had a stroke or is his mouth always like that? Needless to say a house around the corner from me bought three years ago for 90k is now on at 220k a way to go yet. I won’t be going into an estate agents until I see a sea of red splashes across the corner of each advert saying REDUCED, NEW INSTRUCTION, 5% DEPOSIT PAID, LEGAL FEES PAID, AND ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT.
  15. No Girlfreind, Crap Job, Low paid. Cap house, deeply in debt!!!! I wonder what he'd say to some first time buyers who went into the estate agents where he works as a saturday boy? Tosser!
  16. Good point he may have had his fingers crossed!! I never checked! I'm off to get in the que to get my money out!!
  17. Me!! I want to see if I get a cheque signed by GB!
  18. I've just put 100K in NR for a laugh!
  19. http://www.holiday-tenerife.co.uk/a-guide-...in-tenerife.asp Aroma - Make sure your house smells right, before the viewers arrive open all your windows and let the fresh air meander through your house. If necessary place some fragrant air fresheners around the property. Freshly baked cakes and bread and the smell of coffee are proven relaxants and give the property a homely smell. The plot thickens maybe they are trying t hypnotise us into buying! One two three your under!! You will buy this house for the asking price!! One to three your back in the space, sorry room!!
  20. Agreed!!! People get greeded quickly when it comes to buying and selling! Fraud, lies, decite, and thats just the part time saturday staff!
  21. Ha Ha!! Probably finest, but don’t mind either if it puts these, wanabe estate agents out in the cold!! They usually owned by a man and woman going thought a mid life crisis, receding hairline slightly spiked for the man, and a women who looks like that lass off 10 years younger! GRRRRRRRRRRRR
  22. One of these estate agents / coffee shop things has just opened up near me! I started writing a load of rant about how I hated them so much etc but deleted it has I was upsetting myself! I hate them so much, its all in dark wood with laminate flooring and plants and cr*p like that. I’d rather buy a house from tesco!
  23. I lied to buy some years ago when I was ignorant and believed all the BS my ‘Friend’ of the family told me! I got wise to his scam to get money out of me, and sold up, made a nice little profit too. Now renting and don’t care if I have to for ever! Would love for him to get found out:angry:, anyone know who to report him to? Its all a big game sorry pyramid scheme!
  24. I guessing and this might be a long shot but the average age of the posters on this site is between 25 and 45! I bet you could even narrow the window down further. 25 and below you’ll still be living with parents and can’t afford to buy even if you wanted to! 45 and over you’ll own a property or don’t see house prices as the be all and end all! So the question is how old are you? Me I’m 29!!
  25. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/7002128.stm Spinning plates on sticks springs to mind! What will happen next to keep those plates spinning?
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